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What are your plans for this weekend? We are thrilled to announce that our second collaboration with Alex Mill starts this Tuesday! (Our first collaboration was a year ago.) We made a piece we’ve always wanted and we hope you like it. Sign up here, if you want to head up. In the meantime, have a nice weekend, and here are some fun links from all over the web …

Are you watching the new HBO show White Lotus? Teenagers are the best part.

This title it made me laugh.

How sweet they are these going out shoes??

Dramatically London before and after.

The most beautiful photos from the Olympics.

16 tips for my college-related daughter. “Always drink two drinks less than you think you want. You will get more joy from life if you are careful about it, before that penultimate drink, when the evening becomes obscure. If you drink too much, you lose those wonderful, wild moments. You basically miss them. If you master the art of getting drunk in the right amount, you will have more fun. ”

Ted Lass’s biggest lesson.


Little love stories. (New York Times)

PEN15 publishes an animated special about a family trip to Florida.

Good news: Winc, a fantastic wine subscription service, offers 4 bottles of wine for $ 30 (50% off + free shipping). We love serving their wines when friends come. Go here to try them out.

In addition, three reader comments:

Sasha continues 10 readers share their habits: “A few years ago, at the age of 45, I found myself under stress and completely exhausted. I had panic attacks. Since I felt weak, I started doing push-ups in every way. I could have two on the first day. Every few days I would try to add one or two. THEY WERE HEAVY. But since I never pushed too hard, I kept going. I would share them all day; and whenever I felt panic, I fell and did something. They helped! Exceptional. By the end of the year, I was working a hundred. HUNDRED DAYS! It was amazing. I never skipped a day. I work 200 now, day after day. As of August 4 this year, I have done 43,200. What I’ve learned: we’re capable of a lot, when we start with small things and just don’t give up. Push-ups are now as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth. Am I exhausted now? You better believe it! Mentally I feel more capable, stronger and more able to deal with difficult things. I’m so proud of me. ”

He says HA the privileges of life itself: “My significant friend and I have a trick in deciding on the issues we are divided on:“ who cares more? “Rule. If A would want a certain choice, but B would be ruined if he doesn’t get his choice, you go with B. It allows us to put a person’s feelings about the choice in front and in the center. I am constantly surprised by what decisions we all gave up (room layout / selection of bookshelves) and what we had to go through (filling in the dishwasher / sheets)!

Kat says further summer pleasures: “Dinner at the snack bar by the pool. WHOA it’s hot shit as a nine-year-old, and my mom certainly felt the same way she didn’t have to deal with dinner. ”

(Photo by aiaiaicchi.)

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