How A Title IX Lawyer Can Help College And University Students Charged With Sexual Assault


Nesenoff & Miltenberg attorneys are highly skilled in Title IX law and have successfully represented hundreds of university and college cases. Their experience and expertise can help you defend and safeguard your rights and reputation as well as get an acceptable settlement or lower penalties for your case. Title IX Lawyer New Orleans lawyer can help you in any problems.

Title IX applies to all educational institutions that are funded by federal funds , and the majority of private universities and colleges as well. The US Supreme Court stated that Title IX is a broad-based antidiscrimination law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender in all aspects of school life.

Title IX requires universities to provide students with a procedure for submitting sexual assault complaints and other violations of their sexual misconduct policy. They must also ensure that students accused of these crimes have the right to defend themselves. They are also required to provide reasonable accommodations for victims of sexual assault through housing, class schedules and counseling.

It is essential to speak to an experienced lawyer immediately if you’ve been accused of violating Title IX for sex offences. Your lawyer can help you navigate the often confusing Title IX disciplinary investigation at school and through hearing procedures.

Your lawyer will usually start by looking over the policies of the school. This will include the code of conduct for students, the handbook of student conduct and a list of procedures that can be used to review and hear the case. There could be possible penalties. It is also important to understand what the definition of “consent” under Title IX is, whether the policy applies to activities outside of campus (many schools do) and whether your school has a formal procedure for submitting a claim according to the law.

Once you are aware of the details of your case, it is crucial to act swiftly and begin gathering evidence that supports your allegations. Your lawyer will work with you to gather all needed documents, photos, and recordings of any incidents which could be relevant to your case.

Your lawyer can assist you determine the best options. These include filing an administrative complaint or a private suit against the party(s), which could result in you being sued. Both have pros and cons, however, it is important to choose which route you want to pursue after consulting with your lawyer.

The outcome of your case will have a major impact on your future, particularly when it’s a sexual crime. You could lose your academic credit as well as financial aid, and even your chances of being employed. Your reputation could also be damaged by the accusation.

If you have been accused of a sexual offense under Title IX, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer who can represent you. Our firm has offices in New York and Boston, and we represent students and faculty throughout the course of a Title IX matter.

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