How does lymphatic drainage work? Expert answers


In the beginning, I met you with Lisa. Yes you. The audience told me I just HAD to spy on her. You were so passionate about this so I did just that.

She is an author, a lymphatic care educator (she has classes !!) and is certified for manual lymphatic drainage and lymphedema.

Her new book, Lymph book: Self-service practices to boost immunity, health and beauty from the point of view of the lymphatic system, everything refers to wellness.

As you know, I’m obsessed with the lymphatic system, so I meet Lisa and talk to her podcast was a SAN. Lisa is also on the blog today, answering some of the burning questions.

In this post, Lisa will give us all the juice about the lymphatic system and weight loss, lymphatic drainage for breast health and those who should do lymphatic drainage. Spoiler warning: that’s all.

Without further ado, let’s say hello to Lisa on the blog.

Introduce yourself to the audience.

Lisa Gainsley: Hi, I’m Lisa. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I am obsessed with travel, good food, nature, laughter and a wellness experience.

I discovered lymphatic drainage while I was at a massage school in the early ’90s in Marin County. When I learned that lymphatic massage was beneficial for cancer patients, I knew I had found my life’s work (my mom died of lung cancer when I was 13).

I have worked at UCLA Medical Center and have been in private practice for over 20 years. I saw almost everything under the sun. People come to me to look and feel better in their body, but they have found that their digestion improves, congestion disappears, and other annoying problems like inflammation, PMS, and Lyme and Lupus symptoms improve.

Young people also come to me because they want to avoid the chronic conditions that their parents face. What I love about lymphatic drainage is that the more you work, the more you will feel the benefits – and you can do it on your own, at home for free! I keep classes online, and the results that people experience are stunning and super rewarding for testifying. My goal is to empower people to take their health into their own hands and learn simple, time-efficient ways to feel great without the high cost of expensive spas and doctors.

Why is the lymphatic system so neglected???

LG: I don’t think people just know much about it. The cardiovascular system, digestive system and immune system are often not taught at school. I hope that will change soon! Also, historically, the lymphatic system is so microscopic that it was difficult to detect.

Fortunately, we now have the technology to examine the lymph vessels and vasculature. Scientists are discovering genes that may be involved in hereditary disorders and discovering ways in which lymph is involved in neuro-degenerative diseases. They also show that proper lymphatic function plays a role in almost every chronic health problem – and the rupture of this system can have huge potential to help millions of people around the world. This is a fascinating time for the area of ​​lymphatic health.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

LG: The benefits of lymphatic drainage include: rcauses inflammation and bloating, cirritates immune cells, fsuppresses excess toxins, bacteria and viruses, ieimproves digestion, promoti with shiny skin, aid in recovery from injuries, surgeries and side effects of cancer treatment, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, helps calm the nervous system, iem improves energy, helves reduce joint pain and fog in the brain, iemdokazuje the appearance of cellulite, reducates symptoms such as ear pain, headache and sinus pressure, hreduces the appearance of acne The list goes on and on!

Who needs lymphatic drainage the most?

LG: Everyone! Whether you are interested in the benefits of lymphatic massage in boosting immunity, or have recently undergone cancer treatment or are hoping to find relief from annoying ailments like sinus congestion, bloating, digestive problems, headaches, PMS, joint pain, inflammation, or Want to get a slimmer waist or shiny skin, lymphatic drainage is for you!

Talk to us about lymphatic drainage in the chest area. I hear it’s really good for your tits!

LG: For years I have written an entire section on this topic Lymph book!! It’s so important to start really looking at how we can proactively nurture our breasts before a problem arises. So many women live with thick, hard, fibrocystic breasts and we don’t mean to massage them ourselves.

It is important to note that lymphatic technicians require permission before working in this area – and it is performed above the breast and from the side of the waist (not the nipple or areola).

Many women get sore, swollen breasts during menstruation or ovulation and lymphatic massage can be very helpful in increasing lymphatic circulation. Also, women tend to gain weight in this area in perimenopause or menopause, so learning some self-massage techniques can help alleviate swollen sore breasts. Clients told me that their breast density had decreased on mammography from regular self-care practice.

Lymphatic self-massage can also be good for breastfeeding women (just be sure to massage after feeding or pumping).

Certified lymphedema therapists are trained to work with people who have had breast cancer. Often the lymph nodes are removed during treatment or the irradiated skin may contain a lymphatic system and can lead to swelling or lymphedema. Certified therapists work with clients to manually “redirect” the lymphatic system to help maintain fluid movement to other groups of lymph nodes.

I love teaching breast care to empower people to take their health into their own hands because this is a sensitive, private area that is often taboo in our culture.

How can one find a good lymphatic drainage specialist? What should someone look for?

LG: I like to ask first; What are your goals?

If you are looking for someone who has experience in the benefits of boosting immunity or have a health issue you are working on (including cancer), find yourself a licensed lymphedema therapist. They are the ones who have undergone Vodder training and use the acronym MLD (manual lymphatic drainage). Click on this link to find someone in your area.

If you are simply looking for aesthetic benefits (thinner waist, cellulite reduction, etc.), you could hear the words “contour” or “lymph” and see places that also use machines to treat them. There are many spas that add this way to their menu. My best advice is to try to get a recommendation from someone who has already been there or make sure you have a good vibe from their website and just be open to try a few places before agreeing to a person you trust.

There are also some wonderful facialists who are trained for lymph treatments. I also like someone who is Vodder dressed here.

I have heard that there are benefits to losing weight. Is this true?

LG: Yes! Although it is mostly water weight for the first time, in the end, when you continue to work with the lymphatic system, digestion improves because the excess waste in the body does not stagnate regularly.

It is important to note that, with everything you try, you clean other areas to get the most benefit. Drink more water, eat clean, exercise, get some sleep, relieve stress and reduce fast food, fried foods, alcohol, salt, refined sugar, bread and other processed foods.

I love lymphatic drainage for the face because I feel it tightens the skin. Can you walk us through the process of how this happens?

LG: If your lymphatic system is congested, it will be reflected on your skin – think of swollen eyes, a relaxed chin and fine lines. Because a large number of lymph nodes are located near your ears and under your chin, on your neck, lymphatic drainage of the face can help revitalize your skin, regenerate cells and lead to a healthy glow as you remove toxins.

If you have ever done any dental work and had swelling, call your lymphatic therapist! There is a study that shows that lymphatic drainage can be reduced postoperative swelling and pain after dental surgery making common sense the use of lymphatic drainage to reduce facial swelling after surgery.

Another study first discovered that impaired function of the dermal lymphatic vessels leads to the accumulation of subcutaneous adipose tissue, which ultimately causes “relaxation” of the skin. So, you are right, lymphatic massage can help contour your face, which is why people look thinner after lymphatic massage.

How can we do it ourselves at home?

LG: I have free guides on my Instagram @thelymphaticmessage.

My book, Lymph book,, it is full of strings for learning how to work on yourself. I also have a digital course called Lymphatic MasterClass where I will teach you all the things about lymph … whether you are interested in learning how to take care of yourself or if you are a health worker or fitness trainer looking for advice to pass on to your clients. In my digital course, I will be hosting monthly LIVE sessions in addition to pre-recorded content, so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

I made a $ 100 discount code for your listeners !!!!

You can sign up here & use at LYMPH100 ​​for $ 100 off-course – launches in early September.

Tell us something about your book? What can we expect?

LG: It’s called Lymph book: Self-service practices to boost immunity, health and beauty. It is the first guide of its kind on maintaining lymph health based on the five-minute self-massage techniques I originally developed for my powerful clientele in Los Angeles.

It is full of tips on how to reduce bloating, headaches, ear, anxiety, weight loss, acne, inflammation, digestive problems, as well as how to get glowing skin and strengthen the immune system.

Basically, it is an introduction for anyone interested in the basics of what lymph is, with concrete tools to help you cultivate the body without pain and lethargy, activate a calmer state of existence and enhance the overall glow – in just five minutes a day.

Where can everyone find you? Get down!

LG: I’m everywhere!

I think you have already done an epic job exhausting me !!! Super grateful for your support !! You are so generous, XX

I’m mostly on Insta: @thelymphaticmessage

My website:

& I’m starting a digital course here:

Use the LYMPH100 ​​code for $ 100 off course

May you always have good lymph health,

XX, Lisa

If you are in the lymphatic system (I am obsessive), be sure to check on Lisa Skinny confidential HER AND HER podcast.

& if you want more about the lymphatic system, be sure to get a copy FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN. There are many tips when it comes to facial massage, gua sha & rolling on ice which are all amazing for … you guessed it … lymphatic drainage.

x, lauryn

+ tips for finding a lymphatic drainage specialist in your city.

++ find out what causes a swollen face and swollen eyes.


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