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Hello hello. I hope everyone has an amazing week.

Today I wanted to talk oa solo podcast episodee that Michael and I recorded how to be productive in 2021.

In 2020, she was screwed. Obvs. It was challenging for everyone in different ways. Things are somehow normalizing, but many of us still work from home or work from home all the time.

We always talk a lot about the way we think, especially about Michael. Yes, 2020 was a sucker, but it was actually a very productive year for my family, professionally and personally. There was a lot of time to slow down a bit, think and achieve some of our goals.

We loved filming this podcast episode because we are so in love with productivity and the things that have helped us, so I wanted to share some tips here as well.


♡ Get rid of negativity.

When you have a light bulb moment and a great idea or goal comes to you, there is usually someone in your life who will burst that bubble. Limit the conversations you have about your goals with these people. The same goes for watching the news. We go deeper into this episode.

♡ Do not immediately check and reply to texts and emails.

This is essentially similar charging, which you may have already heard me talking about. Michael is also bathing.

There is no need to check and respond to correspondence as soon as you hear a ‘ding’. Choose 1, 2 or 3 times a day that are designated for reading and answering. In between those times, you’ll really do a lot of shit.

♡ Surround yourself with inspiring people.

You’ve probably heard that “you’re who you surround yourself with.” Well, it’s the same with the one you follow on social media. Follow only the people whose content you want to consume. For me, I want them to inspire, educate or entertain me. Simple.

Think about how many stories people watch every day on Instagram, now think about the total time spent in the week. Now think about the whole year. It’s a lot of time looking at someone else’s life. Is not it?

Schedule everything on your calendar, even when you work from home.

That should almost change to SPECIAL when you work from home. That makes all the difference. If you have every single part of your day on a schedule, it means you are leading it, the day is not leading you.

For me, I plan my workouts, quality time with Zaza, driving time, when I take a shower, LOL. Like I said, I schedule EVERYTHING.

Get out of your space.

This is a hidden gem of advice I learned about from Rya Safford Reorganize. If you haven’t heard of her, she is the QUEEN of the organization. She organized our entire LA home, and she also organized a host of celebrities.

Rationalizing your home can save you years in life. If you have a coffee shop, accessories, food, lockers, skin care and more, you will save so much time and frustration. Follow Ria’s podcast episode coming out later this month. But in the meantime, if you want more tips on home organization, you can stop all of Rye’s guest posts here.

Here are 5 tips for a more productive 2021. However, be sure to listen to the episode of the podcast, because we go deeper into all these tips and tricks.

x, lauryn

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