How To Manage A Move When You Have Children


Relocations are the third source of stress after bereavement and dismissal. The studies do not say if there are children. However, it is easy to imagine that this factor brings more complexity.

Moving when you are parents requires a minimum of organization and patience. Depending on the age, children will be more or less impacted. It is estimated that it is much easier to move before the age of six because the children do not realize the change and have not developed any special bonds with their environment. After twelve years, preadolescents have at their disposal a multitude of means to maintain a bond with their comrades: text messages, telephone, social networks, blogs. The critical age is therefore between six and twelve years. 

Pre-move management:

So that children are as less disturbed as possible, it is essential to take the time to anticipate the change in life that awaits them. Fortunately, thanks to the Web, it is pretty easy to find the tools to start a virtual immersion in your new universe. For example, thanks to Google Street View, you can wander the streets of your future home and locate critical places such as schools, recreation centers, or swimming pools.

Managing children on moving day:

When we ask parents on this subject, the vast majority only dream of one thing: placing the children with Grandpa and Grandma, the cousin, or any other charitable soul who will make sure to free them from a “drag to drag.” by carrying the boxes, “as evidenced by Marie, mother of a 2-year-old girl. But if this solution is not possible, again, the best is to ensure that the child takes part in the action if his age allows it.

Once in the new home, one of the priorities will be to unpack the boxes from your room and make sure that this room is the first to be operational. Céline, the mother of three boys, shares a tip that helps the child to appropriate the new place: “In general, to please them, I try to provide a bit of decorative tip that they will like to install. immediately in their new room: a sticker, a frame, or a garland. “

Support after the move:

Once installed in the new accommodation, you might think that the hard part is done. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. As with adults, it will take time for the child to get used to his living environment and find new landmarks. It will also have to reweave social ties and find a place in already existing groups. For this, the role of parents is essential. It is a period during which you should not hesitate to invite new friends home, to get involved in extracurricular activities, to maintain the bond with your old friends by asking them, if possible, for a weekend. Or vacation. 

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 In any case, if the child shows signs of persistent sadness, do not hesitate to ask for help from a third party such as that of a child psychiatrist. Also, from a financial point of view, it should be noted that the parents of at least three children have six months after the move to apply for the premium paid by the family allowance fund.

While moving is always a source of anxiety, moving with children undoubtedly adds to the stress experienced. Despite everything, it will be noted that things are more or less complex depending on two main factors: the age of the children and their sensitivity. Once again, it is up to parents to know how to adapt to their children so that this upheaval takes place as well as possible.

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