How to organize skin care in your bathroom


A couple of years ago professional organizer Ria Safford from Reorganize he came to organize each room in my house.

If you haven’t heard of Rio, she’s a MASTER organizer. She was on Skinny Confidential before we talk about bathroom organization, how to set a smoothie / morning stop, what’s yours kitchen cabinets it should look like clean your pantry, & general tips for home organization which anyone and everyone can use as a guide.

And how it suits her podcast episode just came out Skinny Confidential HIM & HER show. She talks about how to fuck up your space and how she built her company.

To get a super micro for you, I wanted to share the special skincare organization tips that Ria gave FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN. As I mentioned in this post with dr. Barbara Sturm, we couldn’t include everything everyone gave for the book. But we cannot allow these tips to fail.

With that, let’s move on right now to Riane’s tips for organizing skin care.



Completely empty your space.

That means drawers, cabinets, shelves … EVERYTHING! Take it all out to really see the space you need to work with and be able to look at your items one by one.

Get rid of things you know you won’t use.

You need to get rid of the idea of ​​throwing money away because your items are not gaining value by taking up space in the bathroom. So clean relentlessly! Get rid of everything you don’t use, what you don’t want, what is old or what you just ‘finished’. You will see that you are left with only the things you love!

♡ Do not buy organizational products until you have organized your space.

Wait until you clean and organize before you buy dividers or shelves. Shop for the space you DON’T have, not for the space you want. If you have limited space, don’t buy a lot of stock of things that won’t have a home and will create a more crowded space.

Organize your products to work for YOU!

If you mask only once a week, your mask collection doesn’t have to be on the very front of your drawer.

♡ Lazy Susanka or split turntables …

… whatever you call it … it is my favorite organizational products!!

Skin care is done routinely, either daily or weekly. AM & PM is a great way to organize skin care, but if you don’t have too many products, you can do whatever suits you. Include masks, eye patches, oils, cleansers, everything that works! Just make sure it is placed somewhere where it suits you. It can be on your counter or under the sink.

♡ Door storage system.

If you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom, an door storage system can be of great help.

It basically creates a whole new area for products. Or add shelves! If you have limited storage space, create space where there was none! Choose an empty wall space to add simple shelves and create more space for your items. (As we did Lauryn’s bathroom!! ))

♡ Choose a location for your items.

Often there are items in the bathroom that exist in other rooms of the home. For example: medicines, tools, batteries, sunscreens. Most of the time such things have a second home from where they originated. Like a closet in the hallway, an auxiliary closet or a laundry room. Free up skin care space by storing things that aren’t essential to the bathroom elsewhere.

Always Function above aesthetics, always!

You need the most commonly used / loved products to be available and to fit your routine and schedule. Again, this is what suits you. Make important items as accessible as possible. You want your bathroom system to be simplified and to help you move efficiently through your morning and night routine.

♡ Show off your makeup.

A make-up bag is not a good solution for everyday use – you constantly have to dig through the things you need and you will never be able to remember everything that is there. If you see it, you will use it. We like to set up a makeup tray or use it makeup organizers for work surfaces.

♡ Have fun!

When I organized Lauryn skin care, we used cheeky stickers and things labeled with colors so it looked good on her Instagram profile while retaining functionality.


x, lauryn

+ be sure to check out Ria’s episode of the podcast here.

++ how to do it remove your bathroom on a budget.


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