Husband of police officer killed in Eastern Highway accident crashes on Porsche driver Richard Pusey | Crime – Australia


Richard Pusey could walk out of jail within days of being sentenced to 10 months in prison for his “callous, cruel and shameful” filming of dead and dying police officers after Melbourne pad.

The widow of leading senior police officer Lynette Taylor, one of the four police officers killed, said his pain was “almost unbearable” and Pusey’s punishment was too mild.

Pusey was stopped for speeding at 149 km / h in his Porsche on the East Highway, when the truck driver crashed into the emergency lane on April 22 last year.

Senior Officer Kevin King and Officers Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney were also killed in the crash. Pusey avoided injury because he was urinating off the highway.

Instead of helping, he took his phones and walked slowly around and filmed the scene, zooming in on the dead and dying cops and their injuries.

“It’s fucking justice, absolutely unbelievable,” Pusey said, focusing on the damaged unmarked police car.

He approached the truck, driven by a sleepy and drugged Mohinder Singh, and said, “You cunts, I guess I’ll take the fucking Uber home, ha.”

Pusey, 42, was jailed in Victoria District Court for 10 months in prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to acts involving a breach of public decency.

The sentence includes 296 days he has already spent in custody, meaning he could walk free in a few days if he is granted bail for unrelated matters.

Outside of court, Taylor’s widower Stuart Schulze said he “narrows my heart and soul” when I see and hear references to his wife’s last moments as they were filmed by Pusey.

“The pain is almost unbearable,” he told reporters.

Schulze also said the sentence handed down by Judge Trevor Wraight was “completely inappropriate.”

“I think she is outraged by the public decency that this court did not impose a more appropriate sentence,” he said.

Judge Wraight described Pusey’s behavior at the scene as “heartless, cruel and shameful,” among other descriptions.

“The normal human reaction of a person who comes across a scene like this, would probably be to make a phone call with a triple zero immediately or to simply run to the side of the deceased or the seriously injured,” the judge said.

“However, what you have done is film a scene with an ongoing commentary that, in one respect, in the given circumstances can be described simply as bizarre behavior. It can also be described as extremely insensitive and heartless.

“Your focus was entirely on yourself. You were upset that your car was destroyed and it seemed a pleasure to watch the destruction of police vehicles. “

Pusey has a serious personality disorder, which has affected his actions as well as shock by narrowly avoiding death.

He admitted that he infuriated public decency based on his comments during the filming of the scene. He later told police he was ashamed.

“That’s how shit comes out of my head, I’m very insulting,” Pusey said during his police interview.

Prosecutors admitted that Pusey talked to himself in the videos and did not mock the cops.

Pusey also admitted speeding offenses and possession of MDMA, to which he was positive, along with cannabis, when he stopped it before the crash.

In addition to the prison sentence, he received a deferred obligation and a $ 1,000 fine. His license was also revoked for two years.

Following the sentence, Victoria Police Association Chief Wayne Gatt described Pusey as “a worthless person lacking any human qualities”.

“Each of us will one day face our own mortality. And when his day comes, I hope he faces the same coldness and the same callousness he has given to my members, ”Gatt said.

The Attorney General’s Office said its usual practice is to review all sentences, and Pusey’s will be looked at over time.

Singh was jailed earlier this month for a maximum of 22 years for causing the deaths of four police officers.

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