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Hey hi, hello, Lauryn’s little sister Mimi is here today to share a little about how I tried the first skin care treatment in Korea …

Sometimes when I meet people who have seen me on Instagram, I am confused by my choice to travel to Korea. There are various reasons: people I met there (my friends – I miss everything about you), transportation (subway changes lives), food (Italian food in Korea >>) and of course the reason you clicked on this post BEAUTY .

Ok, ok, I intend to post this post for 4 months now. I’ve had this written for months, but I’m a little busy Buy Skinny Confidential & I also wanted to make sure I thought this out really well for you! When I first returned home from Korea, I was so sad (and backward) that I missed Korea to focus on anything else. Sometimes I think I had a completely different life there. Then I packed up everything I own once more and moved to Austin Texas. Once again I had to travel back to California for the funeral, now sitting in the spare bedroom at my parents ’house and organizing my notes on all the beauty tips and tricks I learned this time in South Korea.

I spent my days in Korea working, eating and searching for the best beauties Seoul has to offer. I had to buy another suitcase for all the skincare / beauty goodies I bought, hahaha.

Also, if you’ve ever been to Korea, you know the pain when you need an ARC card for literally everything, including scheduling skin care treatments. While I may have been able to bribe a friend out of my mind to let me steal their identities and make an appointment, I opted for a much more legitimate way I found through YouTube. A la Eunogo aka my taste, the key to foreigners in Asia. From the moment I first went to Japan in 2018 I discovered the attraction of K beauty and have been chasing perfect skin ever since. Another challenge of being a foreigner in Korea is that finding a good reputable clinic can be difficult. Even if you spend all day looking for Navera, there are many clinics that just don’t work with strangers, so come on in. Eunogo who has already done the research and is there to help you every step of the way.

Eunogoand the reception service is a beautification reception that promises to provide a streamlined, hassle-free experience to help you book top-notch beauty treatments in Korea. I was quite excited about the idea because there are so many services I want to try in Korea and they will definitely benefit from this service.

Basically, Eunogo is the middle man between you and the clinic, they can help you with anything that involves your treatment, from car service, translation to skin care tips from trusted professionals. Given how beautiful Joy’s skin is, I can’t imagine either her or her Eunogo the team would ever lead someone in the wrong direction. And Eunogo has all kinds of services, not just the treatments I got, but you too: botox surgery, massages, products, body treatments, everything the Asian beauty industry has to offer, they could probably arrange it for you. You can easily book a treatment directly on their website or you can send them a reservation / planning advice.

Eunogo connects you with 60 proven Korean beauty clinics after suggesting treatments to suit your preferences. And that is not limited only to facial tuning, but also to all treatments from lasers to even plastic surgeries (there is a reason why Korea is known for its medical tourism).

I had the pleasure of working with Joy, she helped me every step of the way. Including help finding an dermatologist in an emergency – when I first landed in Korea and had a bad reaction to a super popular extremely expensive, Goop approved an oil / serum that I won’t name, but I’ll say I hate it and it’s too rough for my skin .

ANYWAY – after I came out of quarantine and my skin calmed down from the terrible reaction. Then I got on Skype with Joy and the Nana team to talk about my skin goals. My skin texture is dry / sensitive, I also have hyper-pigmentation from years of living on the beach and not using sunscreen (sometimes I look at Zaza’s skin and she is so perfect that I want to protect her from the sun my whole life).

Before the trip, of course, I intensively studied all the most interesting cosmetic trends in Korea. So I was happy when Joy suggested a treatment I had already researched with NCTF Filorga (aka Chanel Injection) toning laser and injection “combines approximately 53 different types of minerals, antioxidants and nutrients such as amino acids. NCTF Filorga will be injected directly into the dermis using a nano-needle technique that minimizes pain and treats every small pore to maximize effect. You will experience skin rejuvenation deep under the skin and onto the outer layers of the skin. It is recommended for those who are worried about dry skin, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, wrinkles and tired skin condition. “

So the plans were in place, Joy sent me information to get them Nana Clinic. I was actually able to walk out of my apartment in 역삼, it was a nice chilly day and the rain stopped just in time for my meeting at 10am.

I came to Nana, and Joy was there to meet me. She has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen, (follow us to find out more about Joy’s favorite skin care products soon) I immediately entrusted my life to this person. The Nana Clinic was so beautiful, painting floor-to-ceiling marble, with light blue furniture. If I had made up and had cute clothes, I would be looking for an Instagram picture here. Anyway, I had a quick consultation with the Nana Clinic team, my knowledge of Korean is mediocre at best, so Joy needed to be there to translate and advise me. Team Nana said that my treatment would look something like this:

Aqua peeling

Aqua Peel is a deep cleansing treatment that uses a skin vacuum in which the rotating tip of the nozzle pushes the AHA / BHA solution into the skin and pushes impurities upwards, removing dead skin, blackheads, white spots and other pore particles. Effectively removes these impurities without irritating or damaging the skin, but by hydrating your skin with an AHA / BHA solution. “Blitz pores with a water-based exfoliating gel and a suction device that literally pulls cracks out of the skin and removes blackheads while the skin is flooded with moisture” way Netaporter

Nourishing cream (because treatment can be painful)

Toning laser “Laser toning is an effective laser treatment for deep and dark pigmentation, as well as for the treatment of spots and black spots. Laser toning irradiates the skin evenly, selectively destroying only the melanin pigment in the area in need of treatment, leaving no damage or scarring to the surrounding skin tissues. “

Chanel Injection aka Rejuran Healer-

“It is one of the skin enhancement procedures, made from polynucleotides (PN) extracted from salmon DNA. PN is a chain of nucleotides that are the basic structural units that make up DNA. PN helps by stimulating fibroblasts in our skin to repair key components that are lost with age, such as collagen, glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins. Rejuran healer is warmly recommended by dermatologists because it improves skin health from the base itself. Improves skin elasticity, thickness and overall skin health and repairs damaged skin. “

he won’t lie, it was painful. But it’s worth it. My skin has never looked better (even my friends in Korea asked for skin tips after this treatment)


IU Radiance Care is a hydro-lifting treatment that uses high density ultrasonic energy. It delivers energy deep into your skin using different frequencies (1 ~ 10MHz) to make the skin hydrated from the deeper layer and activate collagen production. It is effective on hydration, skin elasticity, soothing, whitening and skin rejuvenation. It is also recommended after laser treatment to soothe and soothe the skin.

soothing rubber mask-

to soothe my skin after the injections, my skin was a little bumpy after the injections

Then of course sunscreen !!

Joy stayed with me during every step of my treatment, ensuring I was comfortable and translating her 1 million questions for the doctor (these questions / answers are coming soon in another post!). So I said thank you and goodbye, put on a mask, grabbed a chai latte and enjoyed a walk home.

On the day of my treatment, my skin was bumpy and I didn’t want to further irritate it with makeup or exposure to the elements. So I sat on the heated floors and ordered chicken until the end of the day.

Three days after the treatment, my skin glowed. More than I have ever experienced, not only did it shine, but it looks so plump. I kept poking my cheek to check the elasticity because I thought it was too good to be true. It’s been 3 months since I was treated, I can still say that my skin absorbs the product better, and overall my skin is whiter and lighter. Also my pores look noticeably smaller. Nana suggests 3-5 treatments, but I found time for only one treatment. I guess I’ll have to go back to Seoul and get more treatments soon!

* left is 3 weeks after treatment, right is 3 hours after treatment *

Eunogo offers its bff / concierge services in Seoul and Singapore, along with offering products on its website. If you are planning to travel to Seoul or Singapore, please contact Eunogo before setting up the treatment of your choice!


Let me know if you want to hear more about my experience in Korea.



+ Eunogo can be found on Instagram, YouTube and through their website

++ can be found at Nana Hospital Instagram and through Eunogo website

and you can find me at Mimi Evarts Instagram and further TSC Podcast sometimes

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