Inflatable Water Slide Buying Guide


To keep kids interested and active in summer fun, a water slide is practically required. Additionally, they will enjoy spending time cooling down in water while absorbing some much-needed vitamin D! Before making your final decision, find out all the details about inflatable water slides. Check out the information you need to know.

1.  Assembly:

All of these inflatables are easy to assemble, but you may need more than one person to help spread the inflatable out. Then install the blower, make sure the hose is attached, and turn it on before letting the kids wear it. It is necessary to connect the water hose separately.

2.  Safety:

The inflatable water slide’s capacity is only about 300 pounds each, meaning that it can only hold about three or four children from one rider. Never put yourself over this weight limit, and you should never let an adult on the slide while children are at play. Children cannot protect themselves as well as adults, so always supervise them regardless of their age. Keep reading the instruction manual for safety guidelines to avoid injury.

3.  Space:

Before choosing your final option, measure your space! You do not want to invest in a water park only to discover later that your yard is too small. Consider checking for any potential damages beforehand, such as wood arches, fences, and even garden trim.

4.  Material:

Oxford, PVC, or other plastics are most commonly used for water slides. These characteristics lead to the inflatables being light, water-resistant, and easy to repair. Choose an option that is Oxford rather than plastic, as it has nylon like a tent.

Questions about Inflatable Water Slides – Best Inflatable Water Slides

Is there a large enough water slide for adults?

We regret to inform you that you will have to contact a commercial company if you want a water slide for adults. Adult slides are more dangerous and require more care, effort, and space, so they are more expensive to buy and more complicated to manage.

For inflatable water slides, what is the most suitable surface?

An inflatable water slide is great on any surface, whether on concrete, grass, or dirt. If it is set up on a slope, you will want to make sure it doesn’t slide as it might suffocate or lead to disaster when it is used by children! The installation process can be more difficult on sand, and it’s not recommended.You can visit this website for anything relative to bounce houses

Is the blower required to run continuously?

Absolutely! Children can breathe easy on an inflatable relying on the blower to keep it upright. You can never have your inflatable staying inflated if the blower is shut off before the kids allow it to play on it. The inflatable may become damaged, and suffocation can result.

Is it possible to DIY my own Inflatable Water Slide?

You can make a DIY slip and slide very easily without using an inflatable water slide, but making an inflatable water slide is rather challenging. Find out how you can make it by watching any video.

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