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To help people identify where chakras appear in their lives, intuitive healers Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale describe chakras as if they were people themselves, with their strengths, weaknesses, and motivation. Childs and Dale hope to see fragments of themselves in the personality types of chakras they have set up outside – believing that a better understanding of these energies can be the basis for our own growth. Their new book, Chakras, food and you, is a guide for recognizing the chakras in yourself, your habits and lifestyle. It gives simple tips on how to nourish your unique energy through nutrition and self-care.

Understanding your main chakra

Written by Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale

We believe that you can understand a person – his strength, weakness, even what motivates him – based on the formation of his chakras. Think of it as an energy horoscope, which is not aligned with the planets and stars, but with the subtle prisms of sound and light that create your inner and outer reality.

In case this is new to you: Chakras are invisible interacting energy centers, the external environment and other living beings. Everyone has a unique chakra formation. Some of your chakras will be expressed more strongly and others less, but each person tends to have one chakra that is central to their truest selves. Establishing this main chakra — and understanding the energy that makes you special — can help you develop greater self-awareness and take care of yourself more easily, achieve optimal health, and fulfill your purpose.

We will describe the strengths, weaknesses and inspirations of each chakra. Pair with the description that best fits. (It can be applied and probably more will be applied.) If it resonates, think about how your main chakra can inform your life: What patterns do you see in yourself? What food practices do you have?

First Chakra: Manifest

You are a builder and an expert in the manifestation of the zodiac chakras, motivated by success and achievement. You can come up with something you want to do and bang! You do it. Why? Because hard work and a strong work ethic are woven into your bones. You are reliable and determined. On the other hand, you can fight distraction or over-engagement. Keep in mind that your hard work ethic can slip into work alcoholism if you consciously do not maintain a good balance between life and work.

Second Chakra: Creator

You feel feelings and indulge in sensuality. Whatever you do – paint, write, design or stack numbers in the balance sheet – you will do it with a creative sense. You are inspired by the act of creation and you are high in style. You respect emotions, beauty and sensuality. Just be careful that emotions — yours or others ’— don’t take control and require you to indulge in self-sabotaging behavior. But stay away from guilt. Make sure the purpose of the emotional application is to align with your integrity. Don’t get into it.

Third chakra: the thinker

Your brain beats like a computer as you constantly process data, thoughts and ideas. You thrive in positivity and are motivated by a capable attitude. You are logical, structured and intellectual. You succeed when you put together a plan and fill out all the details. However, you are sensitive to other people’s judgments and your own annoying perfectionism, which can be paralyzing. Success is yours if you set and maintain clear boundaries, refrain from excuses and do not take other people’s views personally.

Fourth Chakra: A relative

You lead from your heart center and believe that life is happier when you share it. Basically, you are a ball of love that seeks to heal others with compassion and acceptance. You excel at sharing your things, thoughts and yourself. But you tend to become addicted to love, which can result in an imbalance in giving and receiving. Be sure not to take other people’s questions personally or define your worth in how well you support others. Codependence will not serve you.

Fifth Chakra: Communicator

Sharing, learning, teaching – these are the activities that enlighten you. You live to explore the philosophical. Appreciate all forms of communication and you can grab almost anyone’s attention with your ability to tell stories with expressiveness, enthusiasm, and perfect word choice. Above all, you are committed to seeking and speaking the truth. That means giving great advice. Just be careful if you want to impress someone – you may be tempted to bother a little. Avoid thinking if you can, or it will drive you crazy and cause anxiety.

Sixth Chakra: Visualizer

Looking at the wide picture you will be delighted. Not only can you imagine the possible outcomes of the present, but you can consciously perceive the nuances of the past. You can also visualize the most attractive spaces and then create them. Beauty matters. Design rules. Because you visualize, most of your decisions will come from a well-thought-out strategy. Be sure to check for misperceptions and don’t focus so much on yourself that you ignore the needs of others. When creating beauty, be careful not to be obsessed with perfection. Remember that beauty comes from within, not just from without.

Seventh Chakra: Spiritualist

You illuminate each room with your devotion to your sense of spirit. You possess key spiritual qualities such as ethics, values, and justice. Your main motive is to act in accordance with your higher power. In the end, you are a seeker who is forced to find your purpose and help others do the same. This is why you progress in meditation and prayer and possess natural wisdom. However, all that insight can make you think you have all the answers. Watch out for inflated egos and watch out for condemnation, mood, and grandiosity. Give yourself permission to be human. Be honest with yourself about your own emotional and psychological issues, instead of hiding behind spiritual beliefs.

Dana Childs is an intuitive, energetic healer and teacher. She runs workshops, online courses and retreats to help others learn to open their own intuitive gifts.

Cyndi Dale is an author, intuitive and a healer. She works one-on-one with clients to help them better understand their energy, heal, and optimize performance.

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