Introduction by Kazuha and Beidou, the search for the story of Inazuma, mailbox furniture and more details


Genshin Impact players are excited about the upcoming 1.6 update, and recent leaks have revealed some interesting tasks and items in front of the patch.

Readers have described several upcoming elements in version 1.6. Most notably, Beidou and a character named Kazuha are likely to appear in the main story of Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks point to Kazuha and Beidou in the story, and new furniture in mailboxes

According to the data leak, Kazuha and Beidou will be important in the story of Genshin Impact, at least on one significant occasion. No one knows how they are connected, but it looks like the players will go on at least one more quest that will involve them.

Travel to Inazum with Beidou

A popular and trusted lecturer, Genshin Report, seems convinced that Beidou and Kazuha are an integral part of the story in Inazuma. In particular, they claim that Beidou will help the Traveler get into the closed state of Inazuma.

According to this tweet, the Traveler will meet Kazuha during this trip. Kazuha is likely to be a playable character, as Genshin’s report also indicated he would arrive in late June.

Since Kazuha is expected at the start of 1.6, it is worth speculating that this quest will also be available early. This search seems to be the beginning of the Inazuma story and it seems unlikely that miHoYo added any part of Inazuma to the patch without adding this search as well.

Archon Quest with Beidou and Kazuh

Genshin Impact leaks point to multiple adventures involving Beidou and Kazuha. Reportedly, Beidou will host a fighting tournament with Kazuh as a participant.

This leak, also from the Genshin report, suggests that all of this is happening in search of the Archons. How this event will play out is still very unclear and everything can change until miHoYo confirms it.

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Upcoming item of furniture in mailboxes in 1.6

The biggest installment in version 1.5 of Genshin Impact was the Realm system, and it seems that miHoYo will add a new piece of furniture in version 1.6.

News has already arrived about the item, “Messenger in the Summer Forest,” which arrives in an upcoming patch. The item is designed to be a simple mailbox, and players will likely need four birch and four pine forests to make them.

According to Project Celestia, the mailbox will be a three-star item. Like the others, it will provide 60 Adeptal energies and add 60 to the Traveler’s Trust Rank when first made.

Players have made furniture that allows them to forge and cook, and it looks like this item will allow players to open their mail.

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