IPL 2021: “We were 40 short, which is a lot in the T20 game”


Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Captain Eoin Morgan said his team didn’t run enough on the board for their bowlers to challenge Rajasthan Royals (RR) on Saturday in Mumbai.

Asked to hit first after losing the throw, KKR could only pick up a pawn with a total of 133 for 9, while Chris Morris ravaged with figures of 4 for 23. RR caught the total without major problems, winning the match with six goalkeepers.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Eoin Morgan admitted that KKR strikers should take the blame for the defeat. In this regard, he said:

“The punches were a failure and we lacked a lot of intent and momentum throughout the inning. We were behind the eighth ball right from the start. Rajasthan Royals adjusted very well to the door and we didn’t. I would say most are with a bat. It’s possible we missed 40 years, which is a lot in the T20 game. There was too much work for our bowlers tonight. “

Wicket in Wankhede was not as good as in previous games: Eoin Morgan

Although Eoin Morgan was disappointed with his team’s hitting, he also noticed that the passage in Wankhede was not as good as in the previous game. Eoin Morgan explained in this regard:

“It is the complete opposite of the last game. We had guys building partnerships, but they probably lacked a little intention. Wicket today was not as good as at Wankhede in previous games. It was a challenge in itself and we couldn’t overcome it, leaving us with a lot of work to do. Every time we felt like attacking, we lost the gate, which is extremely disappointing. Towards the end of the changes we have a lot of work left, which we obviously did not. “

Eoin Morgan noticed that KKR hitters were capable of playing winning matches, but that just didn’t happen to them that day, saying:

“The clearer the mind, the easier it is. Within the capabilities of our side, there is an element of playing smart cricket and building partnerships within it. In the end, one guy needs to play cricket that flows freely; unfortunately he was not there today. The two sides are struggling to gain momentum in the tournament, and we missed the big two points. We move to Ahmedabad. I hope the venue suits us. ”

Morgan continued his bad stick run against RR as he ran without facing the ball.

Posted April 25, 2021. 12:37 AM


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