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Unbound Merino, odor resistant, dries quickly and is so comfortable, it is a solid addition to your travel wardrobe.

In our nearly 20 years of traveling together, we have tested all types of travel equipment travel jackets, do the best travel backpacks, do packing cubes, and even Scrubba portable washing bag.

However, one thing we have never tested is merino wool clothing. Certainly, we have heard from our backpacks and friends outdoors that merino wool is one of the best fabrics.

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Merino wool removes moisture, is odor resistant and versatile. It keeps your skin dry if you sweat in colder temperatures, and it will keep you dry as well as when hiking in the warm sun.

So we concluded that it was high time to try merino wool. In this article, we review the Unbound Merino hoodie, t-shirt and polo shirt.

What is special about Merino wool?

Merino wool is a natural fiber made from the fleece of merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is known to be softer and thinner than regular wool, which makes it easier to wear with the skin, which means that merino wool does not give you the itchy and scratchy feel you could get from cheaper wool.

Merino sheep by the mountains

Since merino wool can be repeated multiple times due to its nature, this means you don’t have to pack as much. If you combine this with a smart choice of clothes and use packing cubes to save even more space, you will end up getting a lot of extra space in your hand luggage.

Unbound merino wool clothing

Unlike cotton or poly blends that quickly absorb sweat and odor, Merino wool can be worn multiple times without the need for washing, making it a fantastic travel choice. You will save on travel to the laundry, and at the same time the suitcase will be lighter. It is actually possible to spend a few weeks wearing the same merino wool clothing, without washing (although your clothes may be quite saturated sooner).

Unbound Merino Review

Unbound Merino was founded by three lifelong friends who became big fans of merino wool on long trips across America.

What is Unbound Merino?

Unbound Merino has a wide range of menswear made of merino wool. The men’s line has T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies and sweaters, polo and button-down shirts, as well as socks, shorts, pants and underwear. The female line is coming soon.

Unbound Merino has free shipping in the US and Canada for most orders, plus free exchange and free return within 90 days.

First impressions

Our Unbound Merino clothing comes in a luxurious black packaging, with simple white lettering on the outside. Inside, the hood, T-shirt and golf shirt were individually wrapped in parchment paper with the inside of a colorful flyer.

When I buy a premium brand like this, I expect luxury packaging, and Unbound Merino delivers here. I would give them 10/10 for the presentation.

Unbound package of Merino wool clothes

Unbound Merino Hoodie Review

We love hoodies in our household. Each of the four of us in the family owns several sweatshirts – some for the outside, some for tucking on the couch, and some for traveling.

Unbound Merino hood in blue

The Unbound Merino hood is made of superfine (21.5 microns) merino wool, which makes the fabric softer and more comfortable than a cotton hood.

The merino wool hood has a matte YKK zipper, with a black oxidized finish.

Unbound zipper on the hood

The fabric of the Unbound merino hood consists of 97% merino wool, with the addition of 3% elastane for stretching and durability. The weight of the fabric is 250 GSM (grams per square millimeter), for a light feel, without the weight of a typical cotton hood. There are seamless pockets that make the hood look elegant, not bulky.

Unbound Merino T-shirts and polo shirts

Are merino wool shirts worth it? Merino is long-lasting, versatile and durable, but it also comes with a higher price than a standard T-shirt.

Unbound Merino wool T-shirt

Merino wool shirts are a great option if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting shirt that you can wear for days without washing. Merino is great for travelers like us who want to keep their suitcases light, and is especially good for hikers and backpacks, as well as for nature lovers.

Unbound merino polo shirt

Is Unbound Merino good?

We are really pleased with our Unbound Merino experience. Merino clothes are comfortable, cozy and nice looking.

Ejecting wrinkles was a breeze. All I did was lightly mist the spray bottle and the wrinkles disappeared within 10 minutes.

Spray unbound merino with water to reduce wrinkles

See prices here.

Is merino good only for cold weather?

It is true that merino makes you warm and comfortable in cold weather, and it is especially great in cold weather, because it removes sweat from the body when you strain and thus retains moisture from the skin when it is cold.

In warmer weather, merino fibers also wick away moisture, leaving you feeling cold instead of damp and uncomfortable.

How to take care of merino wool clothes

Caring for merino wool clothes does not require much extra effort. Turn the merino clothes upside down and wash with warm or cold water with regular detergent. Be sure to hang it to dry, because merino can be reduced in the dryer.

Label with instructions for clothes made of Merino wool clothes

If you wash a thick merino wool jacket while traveling, keep in mind that it may take some time to dry.

Have you tried merino wool for travel? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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