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You may remember the post I just worked on IV therapy where we discussed the benefits of vitamin therapy.

Well, in this post we dive a little deeper with the nurse and founder of Drip Hydration, Mercy Henderson. YES, I still use IV therapy and that changed the game. I don’t do it often, but I do when I feel exhausted, travel often, or hangover. LOL.

Mercy and I met when I moved to Austin. She comes to our house, Michael and I were lying there like slimes (LOL), and it connects us all for an IV infusion. We get tons of vitamins for energy, immunity and hydration.

The reason I love the whole situation is that Mercy doesn’t hurt me when the needle goes in. I’m scared to death of needles, I just can’t even get over it. Mercy is so GOOD in what she does. And not only that, her energy is in force, which is important when someone is in your home.

Before we left for France (put on all my clothes here ) Grace has come and I swear it has made the whole journey, and jetleg, so much easier. I felt great.

Anyway, in this post Mercy shares the benefits of IV therapy and guides us through the process of using Drip Hydration as your source for IV therapy.

Let’s welcome Mercy Skinny Confidential.

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Mercy Henderson: Hi, I’m Mercy Henderson. I am the wife of my best friend and business partner, Joe, the mother of three amazing children and the owner of Drip Hydration in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Transplants from Cali in 2008 before it was cool, my husband and I fell in love with Austin’s running and cycling community!

One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying running around the city lake and after the cortades and pastries! I have always had a passion for helping others be the best version of themselves. This initially took me to the gym as a trainer, and then I switched to nursing as a nurse. Now I can make the perfect blend of fitness and health care, teaming up with dr. Abe Malkin in California and bring Drip Hydration to Texas!

Tell us something about your experience with IVs.

MZ: As an athlete in Texas, my first IV experience was running outside in the heat of summer, 5 months pregnant, and ending up in OB ER for a premature birth. I took a liter of fluid and immediately felt the cramps stop.

In addition to pulling my baby out of danger, I also noticed pressure in my head that disappeared. I felt great and slept soundly that night! A few years later, I was scared again because of the allergic reaction that brought me to the emergency room. As soon as the drugs were pushed and vital functions were stable, the nurse went to discontinue IV. “Let him finish,” I said, and thought, “this could be of use to me every other day!”

My excitement subsided with a huge hospital bill. I thought, “Why do I have to feel bad to get this relief, and what could I do to make this more accessible?” I was a mother / nurse around that time, and what I heard a lot from my patients was, “I wish I could take you home with me!” It is true that so much about health care empowers people to take control of their health outside the “bed”.

I loved the teaching side of breastfeeding mother and baby! What better motive for healing than a whole new life, right ?! Then a pandemic broke out last year. Life has changed dramatically, but one cool trend I saw after the chaos was heightened health awareness and personal responsibility towards it. People are afraid of going to the hospital. They want to do everything they can to protect and optimize their health. With this on-site IV service, we can provide an easy, safe and affordable way to avoid dehydration. Even better, we can increase immunity, energy and overall health! Health care, not sick… what an idea!

What are some of the benefits of IV?

MZ: 100% absorption of hydration and vitamin-STAT !! IV infusions completely bypass the stomach and about 30 feet of your digestive system, going directly into your bloodstream to supply your body with hydration and nutrients — everywhere!

For example, if you or I made the most of vitamin C, the most we could digest and make available at any one time would be 260 mm / 1 L of blood. With IV you can easily reach 15,000 mm / 1 L of blood in an instant – talk about Super Immunity Boost (also the name of my favorite IV)!

For my warriors for the weekend and anyone from 2020 who makes up for lost time, no one has time for a hangover! Our Hangover IV not only instantly relieves headaches and nausea, but also hydrates and energizes to keep the fun strong!

What keeps us very busy right now are the doctors referring their patients to us for a post-positive Covid test for our super immunity IV. We discover that this not only relieves symptoms, but also gives energy! One tired post-covid client said he felt “like Superman” after the infusion. Another client said his body was suffering from 20 days of high fever, from which he finally had relief after a vitamin infusion!

Since IV can be scary (you know I’m a scared cat), what should someone look for when they have it. Are there ingredients or credentials we should ask for first?

MZ: One thing I think sets us apart from other IV services is that each of our clients first gets an IV grade from our doctor or nurse. Since these services bring you, we want to make sure we keep you as comfortable as we can.

Our provider will examine you for your safety and help you find exactly what you need from your IV. We have our IV menu, but, based on your IV review and specifics, we can add or exchange boosters to maximize your IV experience!

Also, all of our infusions are done by experienced registered nurses, who are IV ninjas, providing even needles with a pleasant and peaceful dripping experience. Sure, I want your intravenous injection to be with us, but if not, you should always know the certification of who is giving you IV and if it is done under the supervision of a medical professional.

It must always be done in a safe and clean environment, vital signs should be checked before and after the infusion, ensuring your safety first and foremost! For example, even after you have received approval from our provider, if your vital signs are unstable (i.e. your blood pressure is too high), we will not inject the infusion because it is unsafe.

Tell us something about IV.

MZ: IV stands for IntraVenous or Intravenous. It is the fastest way to give fluids, vitamins and medicines. Most of our IVs start with your basic 1 liter of NS (normal saline) which is hydration and electrolytes, but goes all the way to our stem cell and exosome infusions that offer superior regenerative anti-aging benefits!

Can you guide everyone through the process of getting an IV from start to finish?

MZ: It all starts on our website where you can check out our various IV options or create your own a-la-carte infusion and delay the desired time. After you receive your booking confirmation, a member of our team will contact you to confirm your booking time and collect any other details or requests.

You will then be connected to the IV rating service provider. This is a good time to move on to IV choice, the current symptoms or benefits you are looking for with IV drop. When you clean up, the nurse will contact you with your arrival, while you find your favorite place to relax. The nurse will take your vital signs upon arrival, ensuring a safe infusion. We try to find the place of your IV that serves you best, whether you are completing business e-mails or you need your dominant hand for that perfect IV selfie 😉

Our nurse is nearby throughout the infusion to monitor as adjustments are sometimes needed immediately. They keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. Since safety is our priority, if anything occurs, we have protocols and our nurses are trained to prevent and resolve any IV emergency. When the infusion is over, your nurse takes another set of vital data before leaving you happy and hydrated!

What to do if someone is afraid of needles?

MZ: This is where our nurses shine! Not only are our nurses experts with IV, but they also take care of our clients! We also emphasize the need to use smaller diameter needles in less sensitive areas when someone is ashamed of needles.

What is the best time for IV?

MZ: I love this question! If you’re looking for optimal health benefits, IV changes the game before the busiest part of your week! If you are delayed in the trip, the intravenous infusion quickly replenishes your energy and immunity and improves the quality of sleep when the amount is small.

If you want to be ahead of the game, IV Fun helps prevent a hangover all together! But the best part of our service is that we are here at the best time for you!

What other services do you offer and what are the benefits?

MZ: Where do I start? In addition to vitamin drops, we also offer NAD IV. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a natural amino acid and coenzyme niacin. In short, it is the body’s energy currency! Its super powers include preventing aging, improving brain function and memory, helping with detoxification and recovery from addiction, and improving athletic performance! Going to a higher level with regenerative treatment, I am happy to announce that we now offer stem cell treatments and IV exosomes!

Our IV stem cell therapy involves a dose of 30 million cells directly into your bloodstream. Stem cells are smart, they look for areas in the body that are damaged, and then they repair and repair them! We also offer Covid on-site testing that includes individual stadium size testing needs! You can get results in minutes using our rapid antigen test, hours with our rapid PCR test and the same day with our standard PCR tests.

One of my favorite parts of doing this business is being at the forefront of expanding services. I am currently working on offering micronutrients that we can collect at home. This panel will give you details about the vitamins and minerals you may be missing so we can adjust your IV drop by drop, further optimizing the results! I think the best benefit of using our service is that we come to you!

Where can everyone find you? Get down!

MZ: You can find us at driphydration.com. Our Texas IG handles are @driphydration_austin,, @driphydration_houston, & @driphydration_sanantonio. My personal IG is @mercys_miles for my running / cycling content.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are you on IV therapy? When do you think you need it most? Tell me below and be sure to follow Mercy & Drip on Instagram.

x, lauryn

+ how to do it avoid a hangover Cabo.

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