Jewelers And Gemologists – What Does It Take to Be A Jeweler


The job of a jeweler requires artistic skills. A jeweler is skilled craftsman that specializes in the making of jewelry. They could work in a factory or as an artisan. The job may also require a jeweler attend trade shows to show off their work.

There are a variety of finishes available for Saxon Jewelers and Gemologists. The most common finishes are high-polish and matte or satin. These finishes reduce the shine of the metal while improving the appearance of the gemstones. Another kind of finish is hammered or brushed that gives the piece a wavy textured look.

Jewelers can also use lasers for engraving intricate designs in precious metals. Jewelers also can use computer programs to design models. This lets them visualize the final product before beginning the work. People with artistic tendencies tend to be good jewelers. They are creative, expressive and sensitive. They are also independent and persistent.

Gemologists are another kind of jewelry designer. Gemologists are people who study gemstones and other precious stones. Gemologists frequently travel across the globe to find materials and inspiration. To find the most beautiful stones, a gemologist typically travels to cutting centres in India, Myanmar, or Bangkok. These stones are then used to create jewelry.

The person who founded Great Lakes Gems is Jon Ross. As a long-time resident of Northeast Ohio, he has established lasting relationships with his clients. He is also an author and board member of the Greater Cleveland Better Business Bureau. He is also known for his ability to set diamonds. This talent led him to Cleveland.

Tony’s sons, just like their father, also found a passion in the family business and developed an interest in jewelry making at a young age. Chris started making rings and soldering chains at the age of nine. His son Jason was eight when he started making rings. He has been designing and making jewelry for more than 20 years.

A high school diploma is required for jewelers. Most of them begin with on-the-job training. Depending on the specialty the training can last between six months and one year. Trade schools now offer courses in computer-aided design and gemology, as well as jewelry repair. This will allow them to build their portfolio and make them more attractive to employers.

In the nineteenth century there were a variety of styles that influenced the style of jewelry. Jewellery was made with delicate gemstones and intricate designs in the early Victorian era. The introduction of modern materials made the look more contemporary. In this time a jeweler known as Naum Slutzky from Russia, was born.

Jobs in the jewelry industry can be both rewarding and demanding. They also let you indulge your love of beautiful things. It is an absolute pleasure to share happy memories with customers. Successful jewelry salespeople are socially comfortable and even-tempered. They also have a solid understanding of nonverbal and verbal communication. They are also well-versed in the products they sell and eager to learn more about. In fact some jewelry stores offer regular training for their employees.


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