Latest coronavirus: New York State reports increase in new cases as deadline for adult killing approaches


There were almost 49 million Americans fully vaccinated against Covid-19, as several states are preparing to offer shots to all adults in the coming weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the United States has given a total of 136.7 million doses since its introduction in December, and 89.6 Americans have received at least one dose.

Germany described France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic as “areas of high incidence“From Sunday onwards, visitors will be asked to present a negative test for coronavirus. The decision to move France to a high-risk category has raised concerns on both sides of the border.

An additional 100 million children failed to learn basic reading skills as a result of coronavirus-induced disorders in 2020, reversing two decades of progress and triggering a “loss of learning” that could last 10 years from which it could recover, according to UNESCO estimates. Schools around the world closed for an average of 25 weeks last year.

French President Emmanuel Macron has come under fire from critics political opponents on Friday for his refusal to take the blame for the recent rise in Covid-19 infections threatening to flood hospital intensive care units in Paris and the north. The government finally locked almost a third of the country a week ago.

Queen Elizabeth, ruled by Cunard, is moored in Southampton, England
Queen Elizabeth, ruled by Cunard, is anchored in Southampton, England © Bloomberg

The Cunard cruise ship will limit its summer tours of the British coast to vaccinated UK residents, the company announced. Cunard said Friday that only people who waited a week after receiving a second dose of the approved Covid-19 vaccine would be allowed aboard the Queen Elizabeth.

The Serum Institute in India blamed a fire at its plant for this delayed commercial shipments vaccine against AstraZenec coronavirus a few weeks before New Delhi introduced a de facto export ban on doses to expand its vaccination effort. SII Executive Director Adar Poonawalla warned that “a fire in one of our buildings created obstacles … to expansion.”

Vaccine factory in the Netherlands in center splash between London and Brussels, the European Medicines Union has given the green light to start delivering stings to Oxford / AstraZeneci in the EU. The EMA said Friday that the Leiden plant – run by subcontractor Halix – has been approved for production and export.

British Smiths engineers increased their semi-annual dividend after the rise in demand for semiconductor testing caused by the pandemic mitigated the decline in industrial sales. The FTSE 100 group raised its dividend to 11.7p, from 11p a year ago, after beating expectations of main operating profit, which slipped 6 per cent to £ 166 million.

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