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For the past few months, I’ve been taking notes in my Notes app, and on that list is an overview of all my favorite things – I add each product slowly and thoughtfully, taking care that each supplement adds real value to my life. Instead of overwhelming you with all of them (it’s a long list, let me tell you), I thought it was most effective to give you my favorites 3 at once. So here we are – today we are talking about 3 things that will improve your life. Consider: the most greasy, pink sheets ever (bedding is my obsession),, a body cream that will kill your cracked heels, I a drum that is retro, ideal size and the best hangover cup (shall we get to that mkay?). You know when I love something, I commit to it. I use each of these products daily, and below you will see why.

But before we get into that, I have to say: I would be extremely grateful if you share your ride or die in the comments when you’re done reading this post.


BECAUSE I also want to make a list of your favorites – just as I want to buy some of your obsessions, try them out and make a whole list. That will be fun.

Anyway, let’s do this:

  1. First aid cream:

    the best cream that is. This cream is all you ever wanted – a cream that reminds me of what my glamorous grandmother used to be when I was little and that solved all her problems, but better. This cream is a famous cream – everyone loves it. The reviews are shining, and my sister Mimi, who is a real freak about her skin, is in love with it. Even Jackie Schimmel from The Bitch Bible admire this cream – and it’s very amazing because it’s picky with its products. It’s First Aid Beauty company, it has colloidal oatmeal and shea butter which are ideal ingredients if you have chapped skin, you know, because I’ve talked about them often. My heels were so cracked after pregnancy that they looked like a broken window LOL. AND THEN I got a stress rash. Did you hear? UGH – VOZA. Basically, whenever I have stress, my legs itch – the only thing that helped me was this cream. It keeps things in the best way. Other benefits: not oily, light and helps with any type of dry / rash skin. You will fall in love.

And since we’re the topic of Beauty of First Aid, I feel I need to inform all 2011-2021 college students that they have this GREAT program: they commit to $ 1 MILLION (!!!) to pay off student debt.You may remember that they passed worked on a similar program, but expanded it to 2021. And here’s the best part: 10% retail sales of Ultra Repair creams and FAB AID sets in a limited edition that include the cream will be added to Students get a 15% discount on their products I think that it’s so amazing, especially since when I was in college I was in love with a joke.Student loans everywhere let me tell you – I literally repaid them a year ago is so crazy.To enter it, just fill out this form and share a short video that shares your student loan story – simple, easy and most importantly, SMART!)

2. Butter, pink sheets:

Ok, ok, so my husband isn’t the biggest fan of pale pink, but that’s his problem, not my LOL. He will have to live with it for a while. I sacrificed myself for him, so this will have to be what he puts up with for me. I first became VERY linen sheets last summer – a whim I decided to try them out and fell in love. They’re so romantic and light, and this is weird, it’s so tolerable of me, but there’s something so beautiful about making the bed when the bedding is bedding. I have an actual affinity for setting the bed. Like every morning has to happen or I can’t start my day – you know what I mean? So when we have sheets that make that day-to-day job easier, I’m around it. These sheets are pulled in and out in the most beautiful way, so they look like a hotel bed. You know beds – in hotels – always look so amazing when they are made. That’s what I was looking for, a hotel bed.

In any case, a slight tangent, but necessary to provide you with a detailed explanation of the situation with the bedding. My first set was white, which I warmly recommend because you can’t go wrong with classic white. Second set (because I loved them so much, I HAD to get another set) it’s obviously beige pink. Because having another option is fun. Bedding is everything: bacterial resistant, practical, elevated, classic, crunchy but soft, luxurious, sex in any bed, anti-allergic, breathable and amazing for the whole family (including babies, Zaza has an organic mattress on them! ). I also found this hot, little fact about them: they are 30% more durable than cotton.

Trust me, try the linen sheets and you’ll get over the cotton a bit. Start with white, but if you feel brave, try pink.

Which brings me to the following product recommendations for you …

3 Tumbler

Perfect sizes dryer (or a hangover cup): Okay, so here’s the deal, I have an ice crusher that makes my world spin. Not really, it’s by far one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020. You can get a teaspoon here. But what makes coffee bean ice even better is … wait for it … a rollover. That’s right, you don’t want to use any old, crunchy cups. You want a certain cup. And this one is 0.50 cents from Target. I have 8 because Zaza is obsessed with them. He always sees his mom drinking from this cup, so now he wants a cup – babies seem to do that, right? So, this cup is ideal for waters with ground mint / ginger / lemon ice. And you want a BIG silicone straw. I’m obsessed. You could also make coffee with ice. Or maybe tequila, Topo Chico, the grapefruit situation? The sky is the limit. This cup is too cute. It’s the perfect size. The price is correct. I love it – I can’t live without it. I understand this sounds weird, but this blog has always contained random little hacks that make your life easier, so you know me too had to share. 50 cents – get 10. They will like you. They also come in other colors if pink is not your jam.

… However, how to do it AMAZINGLY pink raincoat filled with magical spa water next to yours baby pink bedding and delicious, body whipped cream?

I think…

Ok, that’s all for now – follow my next serving of my favorites. We will repeat this. A lot. I hope one day you will share your documents below.

Love, Lauryn x

+ stalking my favorite things from 2020.

++ read here about my full college experience.

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