Little League 2021 World Series results: Updated brackets, results, how to watch LLWS matches live


The World Series Small League will look a little different this year than was the case when the teams last met at Williamsport, Pennsylvania 2019.

For the first time since 1975, only American teams will be on the ground due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, this will be a welcome opportunity for the best teams in the United States to prove their courage on the national stage. The best teams from across the nation will compete to try to be the first small league team to be crowned champions since 2019, when the Eastbank Little League team from River Ridge, Louisiana won it all.

Here are the latest updates and results of the Little League 2021 World Series.

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Results of the Minor League World Series today

Tuesday, August 24

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
17 Texas 2, New Jersey 1 13:00 ESPN
18 New Hampshire 14, Oregon 6 3 p.m. ESPN

Here is a complete table of LLWS live scores .

On which channel is the Little League World Series?

ESPN will broadcast the Little League World Cup in August, and one of its channels should broadcast each of the matches. Most will be on the main ESPN channel, and a few will be on ESPN2. Two semi-final matches and the last game will be on ABC, as well as two other matches in parentheses.

Those hoping to broadcast the Little League World Series can do so further ESPN + or on fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial .

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Holder of the 2021 Minor League World Series


You can download a PDF file complete bracket World Series Little League 2021 here . You can find the tournament schedule and results of all matches below.

LLWS schedule for 2021

Thursday, August 19th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
1 Hawaii 9, Connecticut 1 13:00 ESPN
2 Ohio 1, Tennessee 0 3 p.m. ESPN
3 Nebraska 5, New Jersey 2 5 p.m. ESPN
4 California 10, New Hampshire 2 7 p.m. ESPN

Friday, August 20th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
5 Oregon 8, Pennsylvania 2 13:00 ESPN
6 Michigan 8, Florida 0 3 p.m. ESPN
7 South Dakota 2, Louisiana 0 5 p.m. ESPN
8 Texas 6, Washington 0 7 p.m. ESPN2

Saturday, August 21st

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
9 New Hampshire 4, Tennessee 1 13:00 ESPN
10 New Jersey 11, Connecticut 4 3 p.m. ABC
11 Washington 1, Florida 0 6 p.m. ESPN
12 Louisiana 5, Pennsylvania 3 8 p.m. ESPN

On Sunday, August 22nd

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
13 California 9, Ohio 0 9 in the morning ESPN
14 Hawaii 11, Nebraska 3 11 o’clock ESPN

Monday, August 23rd

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
15 Michigan 6, Texas 5 13:00 ESPN
16 South Dakota 3, Oregon 0 4:50 p.m. ABC
19 Ohio 8, Louisiana 2 7:02 p.m. ESPN2
20 Nebraska 3, Washington 2 7 p.m. ESPN2

Tuesday, August 24

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
17 Texas 2, New Jersey 1 13:00 ESPN
18 New Hampshire 14, Oregon 6 3 p.m. ESPN

Wednesday, August 25th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
21 New Hampshire vs. Ohio 3 p.m. ESPN
22 Texas Vs. Nebraska 7:30 p.m. ESPN
23 California v. South Dakota 3 p.m. ESPN
24 Hawaii Vs. Michigan 7:30 p.m. ESPN

Thursday, August 26th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
25 Loser 24 vs. winner 22 3 p.m. ESPN
26 Loser 23 vs. winner 21 7 p.m. ESPN

Saturday, August 28th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
27 Winner 23 against winner 26 12:30 p.m. ABC
28 Winner 24 vs. Winner 25 3:30 p.m. ABC

On Sunday, August 29th

Game Matchup Weather (ET) Channel
29 (consolation) Loser 27 vs. Loser 28 10 o’clock ESPN
30 (final) Winner 27 against winner 28 3 p.m. ABC

The best events of the Little League World Series

This section will be updated after the start of the first game.

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