Live Olympic Gymnastics Results, Updates, Highlights of the 2021 Women’s Multicolor Final


The US team was favored to take gold in the all-around competition in women’s gymnastics, entering the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. Finally, the country has not lost a multi-colored gold medal at the 2000 Olympics, when Romanian Andreea Raducan took home the first part.

Carly Patterson began a series of USA USA in 2004. He has since been followed by Nastia Liukin, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles.

Biles was expected to win the event again at the 2021 Olympics. She has not lost the all-around competition since 2013, and the 24-year-old was first placed in the all-around finals. It looked like he would have a chance to continue the series.

However, Biles is not active due to the event. She withdrew from the finals of the American women’s team as a result of a medical problem. The U.S. team later announced that it was would not participate in the all-around final “to focus on your mental health.”

With the exclusion of Biles, the United States will rely on two women to get the job done. Suni Lee, 18, placed third in the all-around competition. She is a star on uneven rungs and finished just under 0.6 points out of Biles ’total number of qualifiers with a score of 57,166.

In the meantime, he will replace Biles in the lineup Jade Carey. The 21-year-old finished in ninth place in the qualifiers, but had not previously been on the field given the “two per country” rule used in Olympic gymnastics. Now the vault and floor expert will have a chance to compete for the gold medal after finishing in the top 20 of three of the four events during qualifying.

Biles isn’t the only North American star not competing in all-around. Canadian Ellie Black also withdrew from the competition due to an ankle injury. Blacks placed 24th overall with a score of 53,699. As a result, Canada will have only one participant in the final, Brooklyn Moors.

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Live Olympic gymnastics results, the most interesting parts of the women’s all-around finals

07:41 – Belgian Nina Derwael places 15,266 on uneven bars. She is the main rival of Suni Lee at this event, so Lee will try to announce a similar result when it is her turn.

7:36 – Carey finished her uneven bars mostly without a hitch. She had a flat stand on her hands and didn’t get to the low bar as fast as she needed to, but she didn’t suffer a single drop on the way to a solid 13,500. That’s lower than her qualifying score in this case – the difficulty itself was 0.3 points lower in the competition than Thursday – but she will stay in the hunt with one of her best events, the floor, yet to come.

07:33 – The leader, Brazilian Rebecca Andrade, put a terrible effort on the bars. It was very clean and stuck landing. She posted a strong 14,666, almost 0.5 points better than her qualifying number, and put some pressure on Carey and Lee to parry her on the crossbars.

07:28 – For those wondering, Jade Carey placed 14,133 (20th place) on uneven bars during qualifying. It was her third best event of the four behind the vault and floor.

7:25 – Next for the USA Team will be uneven bars. This is an opportunity for Suni Lee to catch up with Andrade and Carey. After scoring a great result in his weakest tournament, Lee will try to make the jump to the top of the standings.

07:21 – After one rotation, Carey and Lee are in a good position to make the race for gold. They are in second and fourth place, respectively. Here’s a look at the scale so far:

Crying Gymnast Country Score
1 Rebeca Andrade Brazil 15,300 th most common
2 Jade Carey United States 15,200 th most common
3 Angelina Melnikova Russian Olympic Committee 14,633 th most common
4 Suni Lee United States 14,600 th most common
5 Vladislav Urazov Russian Olympic Committee 14,500 th most common

7:04 – Jade Carey’s first vault entered. She lowered the vault with a tiny hop at the end to one of the heaviest vaults in the competition. She records 15,200 and is just 0.1 point behind Rebecca Andrade after the event.

7:01 – For those wondering, Lee scored 14,333 in the qualifiers, which is good for 23rd place in the vault. In the qualifications, she would equal the 12th place with 14,600, so it is needless to say that her improvement will positively affect her chances of winning gold.

06:58 – And she comes to Suni Lee’s vault. Stick to it. A very good start for the 18-year-old, as she takes 14,600 in the vault, an event that is probably her weakest event.

6:55 – The broadcast speaks well of the fact that this is the third day of competition in the last five for the women who participated in the team final. If these participants and top competitors get tired, it could benefit individual gymnasts, like Jade Carey, who did not participate in the team competition.

06:53 – All right, let’s go. The gymnasts are warming up, and Suni Lee will be the first American to compete in the high jump discipline.

06:47 – We’re leaving soon. Here’s a featured Jade Carey event posted by Team USA to inflate.

6:35 – There are only 15 minutes left until the official start of the event. The start should be at 6:50 a.m. Eastern Time or at 7:50 p.m. Tokyo time.

06:31 – Dutch Lieke Wevers is the deputy who replaced Canadian Ellie Black, who had to retire due to an ankle injury. Wevers (29) scored 53,365 in qualifying, for a total of 32nd place in the competition, and finished no more than 23rd in any single event.

6:28 – Two competitors from the USA USA will be in a group of six gymnasts that includes most of their strongest competitions for this event. Brazilian Rebeca Andrade finished second in the qualifiers; Belgian Nina Derwael was the only gymnast to hit Suni Lee best in the qualifiers on uneven bars; and, of course, Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urazova were key members of the team that won the ROC gold medals.

6:21 – The rotation order is for the competition on Thursday. Suni Lee and Jade Carey will start with the vault. Carey placed second in the vault during the all-around qualifiers behind only Rebecca Andrade, so she will have a chance to start strong.

6:10 – In case you need a reason to get excited about today’s event, Team USA shared an amazing slo-mo look at Suni Lee on the jagged bars, her best event.

How to watch Olympic gymnastics in the USA

  • Time: 6 am ET
  • TV channels: NBC (USA) CBC (Canada)
  • Live Streaming: Peacock,, NBC Sports App, fuboTV

Reporting on the women’s team final will begin at 6 a.m. CET. It will primarily air on NBC’s free streaming app Peacock. The app will also allow users to watch events again after they happen. NBC will also offer a cassette delay with the transmission of events in prime time for those who cannot watch early morning reporting.

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Olympic Gymnastics Schedule 2021

The focus of the Olympic gymnasts was on individual events with team competitions in books. After the all-around finals, the U.S. Team expects the individual finals in advance, which will take place from August 1-3. Currently, Suni Lee, Jade Carey and Simone Biles will be participating in all individual events, but that could change with the uncertain status of Biles.

Most of the events will be broadcast on Peacock, CNBC and the US, but those hoping to catch part of the action in prime time are lucky. NBC will air gymnastics events most of the evening with an emphasis on the women’s team.

Date An event Weather (ET) Channel
Thursday, July 29 Women all around 6-11 am Peacock
Thursday, July 29 Women’s trampoline final 20:00 – 02:00 CNBC
Fri, July 30th Women’s trampoline final 2-4 am CNBC
Fri, July 30th Men’s trampoline final 20:00 – 02:00 CNBC
Sat, July 31st Men’s trampoline final 2-4 am CNBC
Sun, August 1st The finale of the event 4-11 am Peacock
Mon, Aug. 2 The finale of the event 4-11 am Peacock
Tuesday, August 3 The finale of the event 4-11 am Peacock
Thu, Aug 5 Rhythmic individual qualification 20:00 – 12:15 CNBC
Fri, August 6 Rhythmic group qualifications 21:00 – 12:30 USA
Sat, Aug. 7 Rhythmic group finals 18-11: 30 p.m. USA

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