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Caryn Prime

my morning routine

Caryn Prime |

Vanity Faireditorial director

Even before she packed her apartment in Brooklyn in October for Carriaco, an island in the Grenadines known for its enchanting coral reefs as well as sunny heated turquoise swells, editorial director Caryn Prime was already known for Vanity Fair office for its incredible brilliance. (Now that’s the next level, of course.)

She says the mornings allow her to run the magazine as a well-oiled machine. “Exercising in the morning makes the whole day more manageable – I move more calmly in it,” says Prime, who is one of the people who manages to balance budgets and implement deadlines with such charm that no one ever objects. Remote work from a place where the afternoon breeze smells a bit like ripe mangoes may be a distraction to some, but Prime’s routine – peeling the skincare she carried in her suitcase and decompressing the sunrise workouts now on the beach instead of Prospect Park – should focus on work despite the tropical environment.

“My father is from Carriacou and is buried here – my parents moved from New York when he retired. Growing up, we used to come to my grandparents every year for Christmas, so it really feels like home, ”she says. “At certain times during the pandemic, Brooklyn felt intimidating and stressful. Although I live six blocks from my mother, we couldn’t see each other. But now we are both able to be here, and I am so grateful for that. “

04:45: Roosters wake me up. I am such a morning person. (I often fall asleep early, like very early, around 20:30!)

5:00: I browse Twitter, headlines, Slacks and emails. Still, I avoid Instagram this early – we all know what shit can be.

5:30: I drink a giant glass of water mixed with the juice of half a lime. I take probiotics, magnesium, vitamin D, chlorella, spirulina, fish oil, a drop of elderberry syrup, vitamin B12, turmeric, and sometimes oregano oil.

I drink a strong cup of coffee, sometimes with Moon T-shirt tocos and pussy powder and always with condensed milk. Our house is surrounded by a field where goats and cows roam, so I go out on the porch to check on them, watch the sunrise and sip coffee. I started journaling here and then I find time to do it. High recommended. You don’t have to write long sentences or be eloquent; it is the release of your thoughts, however you can, it is so powerful.

  1. Allswell Notebook 1, goop, $ 23

    Notebook 1
    goop, $ 23


7:00: Mom and I practice together. If we go outside, I dabble in mineral sunscreen – the sun has risen at this point and it seems so good to me, but strong.

  1. Organic Pharmacy SPF 50 Cellular Sunscreen, goop, $ 69

    Organic pharmacy
    Cellular sunscreen SPF 50
    goop, $ 69


  2. Unsun sunscreen for face with mineral color, goop, 29 USD

    Not sunny
    Mineral-colored face sunscreen
    goop, $ 29


Either we go for a long walk (Carriacou is hilly and the roads aren’t always paved, so walking three or five miles here feels a lot different than in Brooklyn!) Or we take a bath (the beach is a fifteen minute drive away), or she does her stretching routine, and I do an Alo yoga or pilates internet class. I also started to install the KaisaFit virtual mobility series, which combines active yoga movements with stretching and strength exercises. There is simply nothing better than how you feel after sweating.

9:30: At home, I eat some fruit (watermelon, mango, or sugar apples, which are my favorites of the season) and check the phone at the emergency room before taking a shower. I wash all the sweat and salt water with this great Salux washbasin and any soap around. I don’t always wash my hair if I’ve been swimming – I like the texture the salt water gives me, but when I do, I love the Rahua conditioner. It is super hydrating and soothing. I often just rinse my hair and work in a blend of Innersense conditioner that leaves me to help define my curls and that’s it.

  1. Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control, goop, 26 USD

    Quiet and peaceful twisting control
    goop, $ 26


  2. Failed moisturizing conditioner

    It didn’t work
    Hydrating conditioner
    goop, $ 36


10:30: I dry completely on my face, and it’s time for G.Tox toner: I pour a small puddle into my hand, spray it on my face and smooth it with my hands from forehead to (not kidding) sternum. . I give it a second to sink in, and my skin looks dewy almost instantly. Then I mix Vitamin C powder True Botanicals with a few drops of water and squeeze it into my skin. I love vitamin C because it adds some UV protection (of course, I still need sunscreen) and helps me even out my skin. I seal everything with a pinch of Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Balm, with Beautycounter Dew Skin SPF 20 as the top coat. It is this incredibly lightly tinted moisturizer and sunscreen in one that is super hydrating and provides the perfect amount of coverage so that my skin looks smooth – and still like skin.

  1. True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, goop, $ 90

    True Botanicals
    Vitamin C booster
    goop, $ 90


  2. Beautycounter moisturizing protection against dew skin

    Moisturizing dew cover
    goop, $ 45


  3. goop Beauty G.Tox malachite + AHA pore cleansing tonic

    goop Beauty
    G.Tox malachite + AHA tonic for cleansing pores
    goop, $ 75 / $ 68 with subscription


11:00: I’m officially behind my laptop. (Carriacou is an hour ahead of New York, and our schedules are now more flexible because we often work late when we’re away.) I have more fruit or I cook an egg for a real breakfast, or sometimes we pick up fried baked goods (basically fried flour dumplings) and salted fish juice (Caribbean breakfast of cod, lettuce, onions, green hot peppers and olive oil). At the moment I’m mostly inside the rest of the day, but sometimes I work from the porch. If I can, I take a break and go for a walk, and outside I do a few shoulder, tendon, or hip stretches. And I always try to remember to get up as much as possible.

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