NBA All-Star 2021 Draft Results


The 2021 NBA League All-Star Game is played Sunday in Atlanta. But because of COVID-19, events worth the weekend will be squeezed into one night – The skill challenge and the 3-point competition will take place in the foreplay, while the dunking competition will act as a play at half-time.

All-Star voting began on January 28, and All-Star starters – determined by fan voting (accounting for 50% of the vote), media voting (25%) and player voting (25%) – were announced on January 18 on TNT- u. Reserves – voted on by NBA coaches – were announced on TNT on Tuesday.

After his an exciting debut at last season’s All-Star Game in Chicago,, “Elam ends” He’ll be back. So will the captains Brooklyn NetsKevin Durant i Los Angeles lakersLeBron James – the best fans who got a vote at their conferences – making their choices Thursday for the showdown at State Farm Arena.

Here is everything you need to know, including a breakdown of the selection.

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The NBA All-Star Draft is complete

LeBron James and Kevin Durant have put together their superstar stars. Here is a breakdown of your choice:

Tim LeBron

Tim Durant

No love for jazz?

The Utah Jazz have the best NBA league record with 27-9. They have one of the most powerful duos in the league at Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. And they were last selections in the draft? LeBron and KD have several explanations:

Which team has the advantage?

Both lineups are loaded, but which team should be Sunday’s favorite title? ESPN statistics and information break the strength of the stars on both teams:

  • Durant has a point advantage. LeBron has the lead in passes, percentage of goals on the field and dunks.

  • Together, the LeBron team won eight MVPs (four from James and two each from Curry and Antetokounmpo). With the release of Durant, Harden is the only player on the Durant team with an MVP award.

  • Team LeBron and Team Durant each have five of the top 10 scorers in the NBA league this season. The LeBron team also has a total of 26 first team selections of all NBA selections. Team Durant (minus Durant) has eight.

  • The LeBron team combined 29 triple-pairs this season (six different players had multiple doubles). Team Durant has combined 10 triple-pairs this season (the only player with multiple doubles is Harden, who has eight out of 10).

Lists of All Star events

Dunk competition

Competition in 3 points

Skills competition

With a dunk set for the halftime of Sunday’s All-Star game this season, we asked our group of NBA insiders to vote for the most significant dunk for each franchise. Let the discussion begin.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 All-Star spots. Undefeated represents their annual team deserving players who did not make the cut.

All-Star news and analysis


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