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Injuries to the body and mind are often the result of workplace accidents. These injuries typically leave victims with high medical costs along with lost wages and a lower ability to work. In New York, the law is designed to make sure injured workers receive compensation for their loss.

Lawyer for Employee Law Injury

Contact us immediately if you are an NYC worker who has been injured. We’ll schedule an initial consultation for you to help you start your claim for workers compensation lawyers brisbane benefits. Our legal team is committed to giving you thorough legal guidance and representation through this difficult time. Many injured workers have been assisted to obtain the funds they need to pay for their losses and live the normal life after an accident at work.

Step 1: Take Care to Protect Yourself

The first and most important obligation following an accident at work is to seek medical treatment. Notifying your employer of your injuries should be done as quickly as you can. This is important because the more severe your injury is, the longer it will take for you to heal.

Ask your doctor for a Form C-4, Doctor’s Initial Report. This form should be completed and mailed to the district office closest to you within 48 hours of your injury. This can assist the WCB determine the cause of your accident and determine whether you have an acceptable claim.

Step 2: Inform your employer.

New York law requires that you notify your employer within 30 days of an accident or injury at work. You can notify your employer online or over the phone. This lets you protect yourself from being retaliated against by your employer.

Step 3: Get Your Benefits

As an employee, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the cost of your medical bills as well as lost wages. You can also receive the disability payment if your workplace-related injury or illness makes it impossible to return to work.

A skilled workers’ compensation attorney will help you navigate the process and file all the necessary forms to ensure you receive the medical care and benefits as well as cash awards that you need.

Step 4: Appeal and Hearing

If your insurance company denies your worker’ compensation claim You have the right to appeal the decision. It can take some time, but with the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer you could be able to win your case.

Typically the insurance company is likely to deny your claim for reasons like:

Your injury was not caused by work.

While certain injuries are easily identified by an initial medical consult, others may be more difficult to prove. This is particularly the case with soft tissue injuries, which do not show up on the X-rays.

Retaliation in the Workplace

You can be sure to be punished by your employer or their insurance company if you file a workers comp claim. This can include disciplinarian actions such as the firing of you, or reducing your pay or reducing the hours you work.

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