NHL’s new television rights explained: What to know as ESPN, TNT to replace NBC in the US


NHL TV rights are changing.

After more than 15 years of NBC, the national rights league is moving to a new home – homes – in the 2021-22 season and beyond. In fact, one is an old friend who has returned to the picture, and the other is home to basketball, college and professionals.

Here’s everything we know.

What channels are the new home of hockey in the US?

It was announced in March that the NHL would return to Disney’s ESPN for the start of next season, beginning a seven-year deal between the two old friends. The games will also be broadcast on ESPN +, the online live streaming service and ABC.

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The deal was part of the law – not all. Although NBC initially expressed interest in retaining some NHL action, the network reportedly withdrew. On April 27, it was announced that Turner Sports had captured the rest of the package, and TNT was home to hockey.

“This agreement with the National Hockey League brings one of TNT’s most prestigious sports championships and fuels our entire Turner Sports and Bleacher Report portfolio with even more premium content for many years to come,” said Jeff Zucker, president of WarnerMedia News & Sport.

“We are thrilled to have highlighted the world’s best hockey league on our leading networks as we continue to further raise this branded asset through an ever-expanding range of digital platforms in the years to come.”

According to the Associated Press, Disney reportedly charges over $ 410 million a year for the rights, while Turner will invest an additional $ 225 million. It is a significant upgrade of what the league received from NBC, amounting to $ 250 million.

How many games will there be in the regular season on each net?

According to the news release, ESPN Networks will broadcast 25 exclusive national regular seasons on ABC or ESPN. It will also broadcast 75 national games in the regular season per season on ESPN + and Hulu.

Turner Sports will broadcast 72 regular seasons with streaming via WarnerMedia, including HBO Max.

Where can I watch the playoffs for the Stanley Cup?

ESPN and TNT will share the first three rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and four of the next seven (starting in 2022) Stanley Cup finals will be broadcast on ABC.

On the Turner Sports side, TNT and TBS will serve as home to half of the Stanley Cup playoffs each year, and TNT will be home to three Stanley Cup finals.

Who will broadcast Winter Classics, NHL All Stars?

When the jobs were announced, ESPN noted that the network will not only cover the opening of evening games, but will be home to the NHL All-Star Weekend. TNT will have winter classics that are usually played on New Year’s Eve.

The last Winter Classic and All-Star games were held in 2020 in Dallas, respectively. Editions from 2021 have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CANCELED GAMES: All-Star Game 2021 |. | 2021. Winter Classic

Who will host the studios, analysts and people who play the game?

While ESPN has hinted that OGs – like Linda Cohn, Barry Melrose, John Buccigross, and even Mr. Overtime himself, Steve Levy – may be involved in the redesigned lineup, nothing is in stone.

Obviously, for TNT, too, it’s very early in decision-making, but Twitter definitely had its ideas.

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