On the black list of the Indian government; separated from his wife in Delhi: New Zealand vlogger Karl Rock


Youtube blogger Karl Rock said the Indian government blacklisted him, blocking his entry into the country and separating him from his wife and family in Delhi.

Rock said he was not provided with a reason why his name was added to the blacklist. Originally from New Zealand, Rock moved to India about two years ago to explore the country, and is married to an Indian woman named Manisha.

Rock, labeled New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a Twitter post and said: “Dear Jacinda Ardern, the government. India forbade me to enter India separating me from my wife and family in Delhi. They blacklisted me without telling me, explaining or allowing me to answer. “

Rock also posted a video on YouTube, where he accused the Modi government of separating him from his family in India.

“I left India in October 2020 to live in Dubai and Pakistan. When I went to New Delhi International Airport, my visa was canceled. They did not tell me why they canceled my visa. So when I went to Dubai to re-issue a return home visa, I was invited to the Indian High Commission and I personally said I was on the blacklist, ”Rock said.

Rock also claims to have written several letters and e-mails to the Home Office, but to no avail. He claimed that the Indian High Commission in his hometown of Wellington had also not ‘made an effort’ to help.

Rock claimed that the government’s decision to blacklist him coincided with his wife, who contracted the coronavirus during the second wave. He said he was upset, depressed and unhappy about the government’s decision and his inability to reunite with his wife.

“Imagine opposing the Indian government. Was that a lot of pressure on my shoulders? But the only thing I learned while staying with the Haryanvi family in India is to never give up. We will oppose the Indian government, “he warned.

Rock added that he was not granted the ‘Right of Response’ before he was blacklisted and would therefore petition the Delhi High Court, seeking the lifting of the ban.

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