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Are you struggling to get great photos of yourself? So do we!

Like many of you, we do most family photos when we are on vacation at home or while we are out and taking photos for a blog.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, travel restrictions have kept us at home for most of this year and we haven’t taken as many shared photos as we usually do.

However, even when we travel, it is often difficult to get a good family photo. Sure, we can persuade a stranger or friend to take a photo of the four of us, but the photo is usually out of focus or one of us is cut out of the frame.

Flytographer review vacation photographer

Flytographer review

I was thrilled when Flytographer reached out for us to take photos in his hometown. Flytographer allows you to hire a local photographer almost anywhere in the world, but due to the current travel restrictions, we decided to take photos in our hometown.

I didn’t want this year to pass without good family photos.

As a mom, I like to have memories of our family every year that I would look back on. Kids can grow that much in a year!

Our children are in their early and middle teens. It is a time when they transition from children to younger adults, and changes in their appearance in one year can be huge.

Flytographer family walk

What is a Flytographer?

Flytographer is a holiday company with photography.

The idea for Flytographer was born when a Canadian Nicole Smith from Victoria to BC was on a business trip to Paris back in 2011. Smith wanted good photos to commemorate her trip, but was unhappy with blurry pictures of strangers, and awkward selfies. After a lot of searching and dead ends, she eventually hired a local photographer on Craigslist.

The frustration that resulted from that quest led to the idea for a holiday photography service, which became a Flytographer. Today, Flytographer is located on six continents and has over 500 photographers on its payroll.

Our experience with Flytographer

From start to finish, our experience with Flytographer was great.

We booked a 30-minute session with Danik, a photographer in our hometown of Kelowna BC.

It was an easy choice. Danika’s portfolio at Flytographer was exactly what I was looking for – someone who knew the best local areas for photography and had a bunch of positive reviews. Her style of photography matched us perfectly, as her photo gallery is full of candid photos of happy people with beautiful backgrounds of mountains and lakes.

Once we booked a 30-minute session, Danika immediately called us to set up a location for us. She asked what we wanted in our photos and made some great suggestions for a place to shoot. I was impressed that she came up with a few location ideas that I never considered, given that I have lived in Kelowna for almost six years!

Flytographer review family photos

I wanted to get photos of each of the four of us individually during filming, plus a photo of Charles and me couples, and a few photos of the kids together. I really worried that 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough time, but Danika used her magic and seemingly effortlessly blended all those groups into 30 minutes with time.

Photo by Micki Kosman of Flytographer

How much does a Flytographer cost?

A 30-minute photo shoot costs $ 285. Shooting is in one place, and you will get 15 photos (although our photographer sent us more). The price includes all digital files, so you can print or use photos in any way. You can also get photo shoots lasting 60 minutes, 90 minutes and two hours.

Flytographer even gave us a special promotion for our customers!

Use our link to earn $ 25 on your first Flytographer photo shoot.

See Flytographer prices here.

How does Flytographer work?

Here’s how it works. I have to Flytographer.comand look for photographers at your destination.

Read reviews, take a look at their gallery and choose a photographer.

Then request an afternoon or morning reservation. You can even request a certain type of photography, such as hometown photography, vacation photography, suggestions, modern head photography, or even commercial photography.

Flytographer photo girl in a pink sweater

Then your photographer comes up with a choice of meeting time and suggests meeting locations.

The day of our filming, Danika was there just in time. She came ready with all her equipment and lots of great ideas for poses and backgrounds.

We spent a 30-minute photo session walking down a beautiful trail surrounded by wildflowers, overlooking Lake Okanagan. We talked to Danika and she stopped us at various places on the trail to take photos.

30 minutes passed, and when we were done, she photographed me and Charles individually, photos of the children individually, photos of both children together, and photos of Charles and me in pairs.

Once the shooting is complete, you will receive the photos electronically within five days.

Flytographer discount promotional code

Use our link to earn $ 25 on your first Flytographer photo shoot.

Charles Kosman in Kelowna, BC 2021. Barefoot nomad

Does Flytographer offer gift cards?

Yes! You can get a Flytographer gift card for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or a 2 or 3 hour photo session. It’s a great gift for weddings (think honeymoons!), Prom, thank you gifts or a unique travel gift.

Flytographer of Dragons Den

If Flytographer sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you watched their tone on Dragon’s Den TV. Flytograph founder Nicole set up Dragon’s Den in season 10. For our American friends, Dragon’s Den is basically the Canadian version of Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs direct their companies toward successful venture capitalists to secure funding.

Look Flyer height update on Dragon’s Lair at CBC.

Flytographer photography for young teenagers

Would you try a Flytographer or some other holiday photographer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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