Pleasant and long weekend.


Yossy Arefi

Yossy Arefi

What are your plans for this weekend? I hope everyone stays safe during hurricanes and floods. Tonight we relax at home and watch a classic film. Make it good for you, and here are a few links from all over the web …

I love the new show Just murders in the building.

How great this is Apartment of 250 square meters?? He sleeps on the bed.

Creative alternatives to first date greetings, haha. (New Yorker)

Lulu and Georgia has big sales. This it would be great for the colder months.

We invite all Normal People fans! Sally Rooney’s next novel comes out next week. (I read that – the sex scenes were nicely done, but the rest came to mind. Some of the chapters only contained emails between two friends, and I ended up flipping through or even skipping those parts. It’s something I never I wouldn’t say about her previous novels! It’s curious to know what you think.)

Wildlife comedy.

Tongue braids. (New York Magazine)

Everything you need to know the new season of Insecure.

Taste test: Which is the best BLT??

Two autumn items for sale: soft sweater,, handmade jacket.

In addition, three reader comments:

Lauren says further three great things: “I totally watched The Wonder Years as a kid. I ended up in college with Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold) and heard reports from 5,000 colleagues about how he confidently and incorrectly answered the professor’s question, and then I got an internal monologue from another student: ‘I felt like an idiot.’ ‘

Meg goes on where you grew up: “I grew up in a trailer in North Dallas with an old marriage to a little widow. We lived off social security and hot dogs. I thought everyone liked it, whose vinyl coating for mobile homes was not sprinkled with holes from weed killers.

After class, I played in a nearby building material warehouse with my brother and our group of friends from the trailer park. We got a lot of shit because we were “trash waste kids,” but we all grew up to become incredibly cold and cordial: amazing parents, teachers, nurses, artists, writers, musicians, therapists, political shit, philosophers, world travelers .

We would dismantle the breaks from our used banana-seated bikes, then race each other down the ‘big hill’ and jump into the grass at the screaming last moment, where we would lie on the swollen pile, laughing hysterically in the face of death.

My brother once shot a dove off the phone wire from our front porch and continued to cook it for my first day of high school, ironically, because he wanted me to be able to tell that story about trash from my kids ’trailer one day. I know, and they don’t believe me. I raised my two children in Toronto, the Netherlands, and now in Colorado. They think trailers are something you can take to the mountains for a glamorous vacation. They are also great and good-natured. I admire them. ”

(Photo by Yossy Arefi.)

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