PM Modi launches an 11,000 cr oil palm mission


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched the National Edible Oil Mission (NMEO-OP) in the amount of 11,000 (, to make India independent in edible oils.

India currently depends on imports for almost two-thirds of the edible oil used in the country. “Palm oil makes up almost 55 percent of the edible oil imported by India,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister announced this at the virtual event to announce the ninth installment of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) according to which the amount of 19,509 ₹ was paid to over 9.75 crore farmers across the country, taking the total amount since the scheme was launched in February 2019 on 1.60 million crowns.

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‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’

“Although India relies on rice, wheat and sugar on its own, it is not enough,” Modi said, adding that the country needs to produce enough raw grains, legumes and oilseeds for India to “Atmanirbhar Bharat” – not just to meet domestic demand. for these products, but also for export, so that marginalized farmers benefit from it.

“The thousands of rupees that India currently spends on edible oil imports should ideally go to farmers in the district,” Modi said, noting that farmers have accepted the challenge to increase legume production by 50 per cent in the last six years.

The prime minister said the government would ensure that oil palm growers get the best quality seeds, as well as appropriate technology, so they can help the country “rely independently” on edible oil production. Similarly, special programs are planned to promote oil palm cultivation in the northeastern states, as well as in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Modi meets farmers

Modi also communicated with farmers from different states to find out how they benefit from government-initiated programs.

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Among those who interacted with him were a female farmer from Goa who was successful in mixed farming, a mango grower from Raigarh district, Maharashtra, who managed to add value to his mango products by setting up a mango ripening chamber, chief administrator of farmers ’associations in Uttar Pradesh. who was largely engaged in the cultivation of medicinal plants, a young farmer from Tehri Garwal in Uttarakhand who did well in mushroom growing, a farmer user of Saffron Park in Jammu and Kashmir and a female farmer in Manipur growing organic queen pineapple on 2 acres of land.

Speaking about saffron, the Prime Minister said that NAFED will make sure that saffron produced in Jammu and Kashmir is available to the whole country. He also called on farmers to take advantage of the “Honeybee Mission” scheme launched by the government, and expressed satisfaction that India was able to export 700 ₹ kuna worth of honey last year.


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