Preventing Spiders In The House 6 Quick Tips


When you are about to go to sleep, you see two crawling. Help! Dealing with spiders in the house. Sleeping is no longer possible. These spiders have to leave the room first, but they will not walk out by themselves if you ask them kindly but urgently. Like heroin socks, you pick up the spiders with a piece of paper and flush them down the toilet. So those are gone! You wish they would stay away once and for all. But how do you keep spiders out?

A spin-free house

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you; a spin-free house does not exist. And actually, you should be happy about that. In addition to being creepy to you, spiders are also very helpful in controlling pests. Now that you know this, you may be able to tolerate one or two spiders, but you want a spin-free home for the rest. Read six tips below to prevent spiders in the house.

Tip 1; A clean house without insects

Spiders love insects. To prevent spiders in your home, make sure your home is clean and insect-free. Spiders prefer to hide in places that are difficult to reach. That is why it pays to do your best while cleaning also to clean these places. Keep them out by installing insect screens or closing windows and doors.

Tip 2; How do spiders get into the house?

How do spiders get into the house? Favorite places of spiders are holes and cracks; this is where they feel most at home. But this is not the only thing; spiders can also enter through holes and cracks. And that’s just what you don’t want! So kit them off for a spin-free home.

Tip 3; Dealing with spiders with lemon

Spiders hate the smell of lemon. Because spiders often come in through the window frames and love holes and cracks, it can be very effective to use lemon in these areas. Keep spiders away from window frames by rubbing them with a bit of lemon juice and prevent them from getting into holes and crevices by squirting some water with lemon. Did you know that lemon can be used for many more purposes? 

Tip 4; Peppermint oil against spiders

Peppermint oil is another remedy that spiders intensely dislike. Beautiful! Mix some peppermint oil with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray all over the house. Do this a few times a week, and you will see a lot fewer spiders in the house! Enhance the effect by placing cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil on the spiders’ favorite spots. So be sure to use peppermint oil against spiders.

Tip 5; Small or large spider in the house? Use vinegar

In addition to peppermint oil against spiders, vinegar is also a real winner! You can use vinegar in many ways for the household, including for combating spiders. It works the same as with peppermint oil. Take a spray bottle and mix some water with vinegar. Use the spray on all holes and cracks to keep spiders away.

Tip 6; Turn off the outdoor lamp

What does the outdoor lamp have to do with spiders, you might think. We are going to tell you that. Spiders love mosquitoes, and mosquitoes, in turn, love lamplight. Do you turn off the lamp? Then the mosquitoes disappear, and the mosquitoes disappear, then there is a good chance that the spiders also disappear. Result; the spiders disappear.                                              

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