Raghuram Rajan on the order of resignation at Ashoka


Raghuram Ryan called the academics Pratap Bhanu Mehta i Arvind SubramanianResignation from Ashoka University as a stalemate in freedom of speech and liberalism in India.

A good university is one that creates an environment where ideas for progress and change emerge, the former governor of the Reserve Bank of India said in a blog Linkedin mail on Friday. “Static societies in which criticism is silenced are doomed societies, which eventually succumb to the weight of their authoritarianism and group opinion,” he said.

On Tuesday, Mehta, a political scientist, left his position as a professor in the economics department, stating in a resignation letter to university vice-rector Malabika Sarkar that his “public writing is in support of a policy that seeks to respect the constitutional values โ€‹โ€‹of freedom.” “

This followed the exit of the former chief economic adviser. In a letter to Sarkar, he said, “that even Ashoka – with its private status and support of private capital – can no longer provide space for academic expression and freedom is ominously disturbing.”

Citing a report The University of Chicago Calven Committee, Ryan said that universities should not take political sides. โ€œ… the role of a large university is to provide a protected space for its academics and students to freely engage in open public debate, as Indian universities like Nalanda and Taxila once did,โ€ he said.

According to Ryan, the founders of the university should have understood that their mission was not to take the political side, but to continue to protect the right of people like Professor Mehta to speak, because in this way they allowed Ashoka to make its greatest contribution to Indian prosperity – recognizing evil and encouraging all of us to correct that. “

Resignations created a stir among students and teachers of the privately funded Institute of Liberal Arts, who sent two evaluated statements to the vice-chancellor and held demonstrations on campus.

He also collected the event support academics and scientists from around the world who opened a letter to Ashoka University commissioners, expressing their “trouble” over their resignations.

Ryan said that Mehta, as a true academic, is a “critic of equal opportunities” and hopes that he will continue to be one of the intellectual leaders of liberalism in India. “However, liberalism has been set back by the work of Ashoka University. It is unclear what exactly motivated the founders of Ashoka to remove their hitherto praiseworthy protection. “


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