Razer Pay and Card will be suspended, payments suspended after August 31st


Domestic multinational technology company Razer focuses on games in search of Razer Pay e-wallet services and Razer card is coming to an end on September 30, 2021.

Screenshot of an email sent to RazerPay users

All payments via the Razer e-wallet will be suspended after August 31, 2021. This means that all top-ups, payments and wallet transfers on the Razer Pay (beta) will no longer be available.

The same deadline applies to using Razer card gift codes.

In addition, the Razer Pay app will also be unavailable from October 1, 2021.

Less than two years have passed

Razer Pay mobile app
Mobile application Razer Pay / Image credit: Razer

Launched in Malaysia in July 2018 and in Singapore in March 2019, Razer’s short-lived wallet venture for electronic payments has unfortunately not received enough support from the masses.

Initial statements by Director Razer Tan Min-Liang yes Razer Pay was one of Malaysia’s largest e-wallets was not in line with the admission to Singapore.

The Singapore e-wallet market is already heavily saturated with many strong competitors, including GrabPay,, FavePay,, Google Pay,, Singtel Dash, i AliPay.

Bank-owned mobile wallets in Singapore also have a strong market share, leaving little or no room for new customers.

Despite a strong Razer fan base and numerous marketing efforts, including free masks from vending machines that activate Razer Pay, Razer Pay is struggling to gain significant popularity here.

The technology giant’s Razer Card has not coped well with its target millennial clientele, despite efforts to introduce attractive benefits.

It was difficult to surpass the privileges of recovering money from their banking competitors. His exclusive 10 percent return on Razer Store (hardware) and Razer Gold (in-game transactions) was simply not enough to drive a strong enough download rate.

Razer Card / Image Credit: Razer

Other reasons given for ceasing to use the Razer card include user complaints about errors and the frequency of double the cost of purchases, among other issues.

Recently, Razer also did not receive an offer for digital banking license in Singapore. A statement to the media said that if successful, they would use their lifestyle and global presence to build “the world’s first youth bank,” aptly named Razer Youth Bank.

Along with this recent news, Razer’s mobile payment venture seems to have stunted. For now, it’s time for Razer fans to say goodbye forever to their minimalist matte-black aesthetic games, the LED light bulb.

Highlight credit: Razer

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