[REVIEW] 4 fitness challenges with shorts and pants from a thousand miles


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As someone who has been a couch potato most of his XL life, the first step to going out and exercising has always been pain. I tried to make it a habit for him, but the unpopular Malaysian times and my general laziness made it difficult.

A thousand miles, a performance brand that focuses on function, comfort and style, approached us to review their shorts and pants, so my colleagues challenged me – to rise above the couch and truly test the pants on how to use them.

First impressions

I was sent all-day shorts (Omniflex) in midnight blue, all-day shorts (Elite) in ash gray, and all-day Chino pants in slate gray.

Directly from the package, the shorts and pants were reminiscent of the usual chinos, but with soft and stretchy fabric. Unlike the shorts I usually own and pretend to be for exercise, they definitely look more presentable and would suit a variety of occasions.

I pack my panties in my back pocket

Interestingly, they are shorts packaging in his back pocket. As inside, you can fold it nicely, flip it into the back pocket and button it up.

Although packing shorts took longer compared to just throwing in a bag, I see its advantage for travelers and office people who want to pack a change of clothes after work.

There were some creases on the shorts, but they disappeared after wearing them for a while

First challenge: Jogging / brisk walking

While I may be living a sedentary lifestyle, I still run once in the blue moon. So I put on all-day shorts (Elite) at Ash Gray, put on a reliable podcast, and ran around my apartment.

Surprisingly, even on a sunny day, the pants were airy and I found that these were not complete sweat magnets, even after 20 minutes of brisk walking with a few rounds of running.

However, I can’t say if the shorts will run out of sweat after intense workouts like a one-hour futsal game or a hike, because I’m not even in that shape yet.

My sweat-soaked T-shirt (darker stains on my black shirt) compared to Thousand Miles shorts

Challenge 2: The One Punch Man (OPM) Challenge

In OPM, the main character, Saitama said that his daily routine of running 10 km, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats contributed to his superhuman powers.

Not wanting to be a super lover and hitting everything in life, I opted for the customized version of the challenge he recommended Sean Seah, Singapore who tried it back in 2019 with impressive results.

And Sean divided the challenge into different difficulty levels. Level 1 starts with a run of 1 KM, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 10 squats, and that increases all the way to level 10, which was Saitam’s daily routine.

Crying in pain after 4 push-ups

Although the first level sounded simple enough, 10 push-ups blew me away. The shorts served me well up to level 1, although I don’t see myself moving to level 10 any time soon.

Third challenge: Nintendo Ring Fit

I bought Ring Fit at the beginning of another MCO, thinking that the “exercise game” would encourage me to work harder. But half a year later, Ring Fit is just gathering dust at my desk.

So, I hooked one of the Switch controllers to my left thigh, grabbed the Ring Fit controller, and started from beginner level. I even enabled play in ‘Silent Mode’ which uses squats to move a character in the game.

I have to go all the way down

I finished the first level in 9 minutes, burning 54 calories along the way. For comparison, a McChicken is about 418 calories, and I consumed that burger the same day in less than a minute.

At the end of the exercise, my heart rate was hovering at 140 beats per minute, which is a normal pulse for a 30-year-old, but I certainly didn’t feel normal. The shorts were left without sweat throughout and extensibility it helped me keep my movements flexible while squatting.

Fourth challenge: Fitness Marshall Workout

As someone who doesn’t have any furrowed bones, this challenge sounded difficult to me. Fortunately, the Fitness Marshall routines are divided into different difficulty levels, and I opted for light routines.

All-day Chino pants in slate gray, stretchy and comfortable

Fitness Marshall had long pants in his clothes video, so I put on All Day Chino pants and danced according to his routine. Luckily, my family wasn’t there to witness me dancing ugly with this light song that made me still sweat.

My dogs were my only judging audience

And the pants are pretty comfortable to wear, just like their shorts. Their pants can also fit in most social gatherings, as they look like normal chinos, but I wish their handcuffs were a little tight. A thousand miles also claims that the pants are waterproof. So we did a little water test on the pants.

Surprisingly, most of the water didn’t soak up the pants, and when they did, they dried out pretty quickly.

Waterproof testing of trousers
The pants dried quickly after the test

– // –

The four challenges I made hurt my legs (and at the time of writing this text they still hurt me), but as they say: No pain, no gain.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Thousand Miles pants and shorts. They may not look like they are meant for exercise, as they are not made from the typical thin polyester / spandex blend in most sports shorts. They turned out to be airy, comfortable and stretchy for all movements in challenges.

And if you’re someone who lives a fast-paced lifestyle, you should label shorts and pants that fit a variety of activities or just for everyday wear on a lot of your boxes. A thousand miles will soon launch a women’s collection in the very near future, so watch out for their socializing.

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