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Google hasn’t brought Pixel phones to India lately, but they recently launched a headset set, the Pixel Buds A-Series. This is an offer that goes particularly well with Google’s Pixel phones and services like Assistant. However, in many ways the buds are quite common. While they offer reasonable sound, they don’t seem to have a true feature.

The design is very similar to the previous edition, a small plastic case that is in the shape of an egg, but easy to carry and light enough. The buds themselves are also extremely light and, compared to many others, are among the easiest. The biggest advantage of this is, of course, that it can be worn for long hours with little or no fatigue.

It fits well

As standard with many headphones, the A-Series comes with three sizes of earbuds. Since the buds actually sit in your ear canal, good grip is important. Although the material used on these buds is mostly plastic, it does not feel cheap. They are two-tone with gray and white, and you have the option of green as well. But there are no other colors.

The buds have a small wing tip that is pleasing to some and not so much to some. Google even suggests that you want to try earbuds of different sizes for each ear until you find a good seal and comfort. There is no active noise cancellation, only passive isolation. The design is such that you can hear ambient sounds without too many problems, and still pay attention to what is playing on the buds.

In terms of sound, the buds look fairly flat, with little dynamic range. On a Pixel phone, you can use EQ settings that make a significant difference. I used Bass Boost and immediately heard the change. There’s also an adaptive sound setting that’s very interesting: based on ambient sound, it actually increases or decreases the volume. This is a response to prolonged noise, not a single loud bang or noise. The buds are perfectly adapted for occasional listening to music, podcasts and calls.

Manage everything

For Android phones, you can download the Pixel Buds app that allows you to manage all options, including touch controls, EQ and customizable sound options, and firmware updates. The app also allows you to see the battery status of each bud separately, as well as the state of the case. These settings are integrated into the settings of the Pixel device, so no special application is required. Unfortunately, there is no app for iOS devices on which these buds work like all other Bluetooth headsets.

The killer feature of these buds is the use of your voice for Google Assistant. It works very well. You can call an assistant with “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” and he wakes up immediately. You can also touch and hold any bud and it will read your notifications and wait for additional commands.

All in all, the buds are a reasonable pair of headphones, good for calls, casual listening and podcasts, comfortable to wear for a long time, and above all integrated with an assistant. But there is no end to the competition and they are still a bit expensive at £ 9,999.


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