Scott Styris believes the Mumbai Indians made a mistake by picking up Marc Jansen


In the opening season of the IPL 2021 between Indians in Mumbai i Royal Challengers Bangalore, several new faces have debuted for their teams. Among the new players on display was a young South African bowler Marco Jansen.

The 20-year-old speedster enjoyed a wonderful IPL debut for the title defenders. He picked up goalkeepers Glenn Maxwell and Shahbaz Ahmed and in his four-time spell missed only 28 runs. Jansen followed with another solid performance against double IPL winner Kolkata Knight Riders. Despite going into his two overs without a breakthrough, he managed to hold things back tight.

Former New Zealand striker Scott Styris has been impressed with Marco Jansen’s performances so far for the Mumbai Indians in the 2021 IPL.

“But in a way I think this is a bad move for the Mumbai Indians to pick up Marc Jansen right now, because now, as we’re talking about it now, everyone’s talking about it,” Styris said.

That doesn’t bode well for the five-time IPL champions, as a mega auction is scheduled before IPL 2022, and Jansen’s shares will be significantly higher by then. Styris believes it will be difficult for the Mumbai Indians to get Marc Jansen back because they will have to pay a lot more to provide his services.

“And with the possibility of a big auction next year, I think Mumbai may suddenly have to pay big money because it won’t keep it. So, I would suggest that he think about it for a while, maybe put him on the ice this year, and the Mumbai Indians could fly in next year and have him for as long as Lasith Malinga, ”added Scott Styris.

“He touched 143 mph, which is a serious pace” – Scott Styris at Marco Jansen, Mumbai Indians

Styris was extremely impressed with South African bowling ventures in the first match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

“I thought it was a phenomenal performance. I thought he was incredibly impressive and the reason for that is not in the simple factor that will get him a rebound because he has eight feet and eight, which is what you expect. He touched 143 mph, which is a serious pace. He will get a rebound if he achieves the rhythm, ”Styris said speaking on Cricket Connect on Star Sports.

Scott Styris also believes that variations of the slower ball will do wonders for Marc Jansen in the IPL 2021.

Posted on April 14, 2021. 12:23 AM


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