SEO Strategy 2021 Still Important


The answer is: YES! Even though the ads from Google Ads are getting more and more space and are shown extensively. Anyone who cannot be found in the search engine does not exist online. A good SEO plan and matching SEO strategy can contribute to your (online) business objectives.

New and unique SEO strategies must be used. Would you like to know what the benefits are of a good SEO plan? We are happy to tell you all about the services of SEO for entrepreneurs. Are you looking for an Award Winning SEO Service? Wait is over! because Ignite SEO is a service which can work best for you. Because they have been delivering successful SEO campaigns for over a decade.

A good SEO strategy starts in Google.

To take a step back first, I will first briefly tell you what SEO (search engine optimization) is. With website optimization for Google, you score higher with the relevant keywords that the user is looking for. The goal is, therefore, to generate more organic visitors to your website.

It is essential that you can be found on the first page of Google since those websites receive by far the most traffic. You don’t end up at the top from one day to the next. It requires a lot of time and attention.

By structurally optimizing your website’s technology, content, and authority, you will get better findability in Google SEO.

Optimize for technology

The best starting point for a successful SEO strategy is a good quality website. If a website is slow, does not look reliable, or does not find relevant information, the visitor quickly drops out. You only have a visitor but no conversion (lead), which is of no benefit to you as an entrepreneur.

The user experience must be good. A user-friendly website focuses on the occasion, use, and interaction with the visitor. Good website design contributes to this and is therefore indispensable.

There are several factors that you have to take into account for a properly functioning website. These are:

  • Logical structure and a clear website structure.
  • Clear link structure. Internal links are links that point to existing pages on your website. You refer to, for example, blogs, landing pages, or other articles. It helps you for a successful SEO strategy because Google understands your website’s structure and can read it better.
  • Speed ​​and loading time.
  • Responsive View (Mobile View).
  • Optimization for voice search, such as featured snippets.
  • Use structured data; E.g., an FAQ block or checkmarks. Images are also shown more often.

Write good content around your relevant keywords.

Every day Google serves us with better search results. You can take advantage of this by writing relevant content. It all starts with good keyword research because content must be of added value for the reader and must contain relevant keywords with search volume.

Writing good SEO text is an art. You have to consider your keywords and in which phase of the customer journey your target group is. A good SEO plan means taking into account keywords in the Do phase, and the long-tail keywords in the Think phase’s informative stages. Inbound and content marketing, and then SEO optimized content, takes all the customer journey steps into account.

Because the visitor finds the information he is looking for, the visitor stays longer on the website.

These are tips to improve the content of your website:

  • Content must radiate trust and authority. It should add value to the reader and include Google keywords. Above all, write problem and solution-oriented. Because the visitor finds the information he is looking for, the visitor stays longer on the website. (dwell time) Google sees this as a kind of valuation. And the website is more relevant and attracts more visitors to the website.
  • The title and content of the article must be about the same topics. Use H1, H2, H3 titles and bullets.
  • Use clear meta descriptions and good SEO-optimized titles.
  • Provide new content regularly. You do this by writing blogs, e-books, and customers can provide user-generated content. By having customers write a review, you get unique content on your website. Get serious with content marketing.
  • Write your content optimized for Voice search. It means that you have to write in a natural and talkative way. With Voice search, you also get longer searches because a user asks more extended questions when speaking. The content must therefore provide specific answers to these more comprehensive questions.
  • Optimize old content; are all internal links, meta descriptions correct, and are the right keywords still used?
  • Supporting images help empower content.

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