The 11 best things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – hand luggage only


About 20 miles east of the Ohio border, the city of Pittsburgh is an epic place to visit while exploring the state on a trip around Pennsylvania. Great for a break of a few days, a bunch of the best things in Pittsburgh are strewn all over town.

Of the huge museums, posh shopping venues and amazing architecture, this is one of those the entertainment of American cities It’s totally cool to visit. Plus, you can easily combine this with a much broader journey to The shores of Lake Erie it’s wonderful; especially with all the delicious vineyards.

Anyway, I’m a little off topic … but Pittsburgh is an amazing and totally worth a weekend trip while you’re in the state!

So, to make it beautiful and easy, I wanted to share some of my favorite places that I totally love. This way you will have a lot more time to focus on the trip, and less time will bother you with all that planning.

Top Things to Do in Pittsburgh (1)

Check out the best things you can do in Pittsburgh below. I wish you the best trip to the city.

1.) Explore the Carnegie Science Center

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (15)

Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Carnegie Science Center is one of the best things in Pittsburgh that is great for the whole family.

Here you will learn anything and everything, from cool science, artificial intelligence to food production. It is comprehensive

When you enter, you can see a collection of robots, practical displays or go to the OmniMax theater and visit the sports center as well. It’s a great place for kids to test their rock climbing skills and zip pads.

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2.) Tour of the Cathedral of Learning

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (9)

Not far from Schenley Park, the Cathedral of Learning is one of the most significant buildings in all of Pittsburgh. You see, it’s a Gothic renaissance building that stands proudly over 42-high stories it’s so nice.

If you have the time, be sure to head to National tour which take place at certain times during the year. Trust me, iPremises for nationality are a must visit, with my favorite room being in Syria and Lebanon.

Top Things to Do in Pittsburgh (7)

Then head to Heinz Memorial Chapel it’s so amazing inside.

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (8)

Such a stunning place, you really can’t miss it.

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3.) Ride the At cable car Duquesne Incline

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (6)

Driving Duquesne Incline is easily one of the best things in Pittsburgh if you want to experience a piece of the city’s long history. It was once used to transport workers until the 1800s.

Now, when you get to Duquesne, you can learn about the history of the slope and the many details about how the slope works. Although for me it is a fun ride and beautiful views of the city Grandview Overlook.

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4.) Eat in Strip County

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (13)

Just shy of downtown, the Strip District has some of those vibes you’d expect at Shoreditch in London. Once here, head to Primanti Bros. for their huge sandwiches. you will leave it stuffed.

Alternatively, go to DiAnoia’s Eatery for the most delicious gnocchi and homemade meatballs. So good.

Finally, for the best nightcaps, skip Bar Marco. It’s one of the best things in Pittsburgh for cocktails. The nutty cocktail is completely delicious (and quite strong, too).

5.) A walk through Point State Park

Top Things to Do in Pittsburgh (11)

Point State Park is located on the edge of downtown Pittsburgh and is a great place for an afternoon stroll through the city.

Here you can visit the Fort Pitt Museum and learn about the history of this historic British fortress – it is said to date back to the 1700s. In addition, you can get a view of the river and enjoy the famous 150-foot fountain where the three rivers meet.

6.) Visit the Heinz History Center

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (10)

If you want to know all about the history of Pittsburgh, then you must visit Heinz Historic Center.

You can learn all about the history of Pittsburgh from the Revolutionary War and the subway to the city’s industrial revolution. It’s fantastic, not just for history buffs between us.

Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time, this place is huge.

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7.) See Randyland

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (4)

Another place that reminds me of London; Camden this time! The whole area around Randyland is thus an epic reminder of how Pittsburgh is incredibly diverse, creative and unique.

Once you’re here, you can explore public art exhibitions and picturesque picturesque buildings within easy reach of the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh. A relatively small place, perfect for a little enjoyment when you are in the area.

8.) Find Carrie’s furnaces

Okay, listen to me about this! Carrying ovens may not look like one of the best things in Pittsburgh, but they are actually completely cool.

Part of Pittsburgh’s history, the steel industry once had a massive place in the city. However, today the site can be viewed at industrial tour or a tour of the arts and terrain which occupies the creative side of the site.

To get here, it will take you about 15 minutes by car (from the city center) and it pays off if you want something a little more unique.

9.) Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (5)

You have to love museums, especially when they are just as good as the ones in Pittsburgh.

Here you can see many American and European paintings over the past two centuries, sculpture, decorative art and architecture that span centuries. It’s an absolutely amazing place that takes all day to truly see it all.

From African art, temporary exhibits, unusual modern pieces, to a sumptuous sculpture hall, are the total treasure trove of places to visit.

10.) Walk in Mount Washington

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (12)

Mount Washington is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh that is really easy to visit if you took the Duquesne Incline off the river.

Here you will find a bunch of gourmet places and bars for a great evening in the city. For the best cocktails, head out Summit who prepare delicious treats at the bar. Plus, grilled pineapple tacos are so delicious.

Again, don’t forget the views and get to know Emerald View Park as well.

11.) Phipps Conservatory

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (14)

Research Phipps Conservatory is easily one of the best things about Pittsburgh if you want a more relaxed afternoon.

Here you will be able to explore beautiful themed rooms, including; Room with orchids, desert room, Japanese courtyard, Tropical Forest conservatory and several other themed rooms. Any focus on different flora and fauna from around the world – it’s amazing.

The winter garden is completely huge and great in any season!

Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (3)

Then head to Hastings Street (a 10-minute taxi ride) and take a bite Point Brugge cafe who make the best breakfast. Their patk confit hash is what you have to die for!

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