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Kidnapping of the bride

Have you ever wondered if kidnapping is legal ??? yes, the truth is my friend. In Kyrgyzstan, bride abduction is legal and they consider it part of their culture. This disturbing culture is followed by Roman Gypsies. History is a witness to the culture of kidnapping and kidnapping the bride.

In Kyrgyzstan, kidnapping a bride means that you have successfully won her heart and now you have the right to marry her. The man kidnaps her with the help of his friends, after which they seek the consent of his parents. I can hold her hostage for 4-5 days. This culture of kidnapping brides forces her to accept her kidnapper as her life partner and if she refuses, then she will never consider her married again.

It is very disrespectful to any girl to follow this strange culture. That is why Recently in 2018 One girl in Kyrgyzstan ended her life .

Living with dead relatives

The preserved bodies of the ancestors of the Toraja, an ethnic gathering from the mountains of South Sulawesi in Indonesia, were gently discovered from their graves as part of the ancient Ma’nene festival. This ritual has been practiced for thousands of years. They believe in the concept of the afterlife.

After someone’s death, they twist them in new clothes and keep them at home until the funeral. They treat them like a living member of the house. Family members clean them with water every day and bring food for them several times a day. People injected a preservative called formalin into the body.

After the funeral celebration, the body is kept in a wooden box and buried in a cave. If the children have died, they are hung on the body with a thick rope until the rope collapses and after it is reunited in the coffin. In the month of August, all the members of the family gathered in the cave to take the body home and change their clothes.

After the wedding, there is no bathroom for 3 days

What ??? Really ?? Yes, this funny cultural follower of the Tidong community from Indonesia. Newlyweds are not allowed to use the bathroom for 3 days. Even a couple is forbidden to bathe, urinate and defecate. It is the responsibility of their families to ensure that the couple uses a very small amount of water. what if someone has a diagnostic problem? He He He 😉

This is not the end of an era of funny culture, they have other cultures as well. The groom must not see the bride’s face until she sings for a few romantic songs. When the musical requirements of both are met, the curtain is raised.

Even after the bride is not allowed to go home when she is engaged. If the groom does not arrive on time, a fine should be paid [ Generally jewelry]

Wearing a neck ring

Yes, wearing a ring on your neck is another wire culture around the world. It is traditionally followed by the Karen tribe from Thailand. According to the ritual, girls have to put a brass ring around their necks for 2-3 years. They believe that wearing a ring on their neck signifies a symbol of beauty and more and more rings are added as they grow up.

Young girls have been suffering from the pain of this culture for a very long time. Initially, one brass coil was added around the neck because the bones are flexible and small. Every few years more rings are added as they grow older.

There are superstitions like a brass ring that protect it from tiger attacks. Even a brass ring reduces its beauty to protect them from men. Using their uniqueness, they attract travelers and engage in craft businesses for a living.

Vegetarian festival

The annual event of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival celebrated by the Chinese community in Thailand. It is considered to be the most extreme festival in Thailand lasting 9 days. One story says that this festival in Phuket came from China in 1825. However, piercing and self-mutilation are unique. Some believe that the piercing originated in India and is performed during the year Thaipusam Indian Festival.

During this festival, people strictly adhere to a vegetarian diet in order to invite wealth. Also, people walk around the city with swords, needles and knives that have penetrated the body during these 9 days. They believe that by making this god save them from bad luck.

This festival is lively, chaotic and loud. There are a lot of people around the procession while they are throwing crackers, Leo is dancing. Participants wear white rags as they sing the moss. Clothes and orange papers are shared in a crowd for good luck.

It is advisable to wear white paint and avoid alcohol, sex, strong foods like garlic, meat. People who mourn and pregnant women or women with menstruation should not attend the ceremonies. Throughout the celebration, the festival moves between different temples.

The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we need them.

Pat Conroy, Masters of discipline

In modern times, this seems like nonsense, but people believe that this strange cultural practice teaches them a significant lesson in life. Nowadays, if people see something strange in the name of culture, don’t blind them blindly. They may need a good and strong reason to believe. If you’ve ever witnessed that kind of culture, leave your experience in the comments section.

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