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Are you looking for the best socks for your trip? Even when it’s not the holidays, it’s not always easy to find a great gift. These are the best little travel gifts for the travel lover in your life, whether your budget is big or small!

While tight travel restrictions and a pandemic may have slowed (or completely stopped) our travels this year, it definitely didn’t stop our love of adventure, exploration, and cool technology.

This guide contains gifts for us who cannot travel at the moment, but who are looking forward to traveling in the future.

These gifts can make your journey and even everyday life easier, and maybe even more fun. As travelers for the past 20 years, we have had the opportunity to personally try out all the items on this list!

Christmas in Cancun, Mexico

Travel socks

Here are our best gift ideas for travel lovers that won’t take up a lot of space, but that are sure to bring a smile to their face!

Battery charger

I am constantly traveling with a small charger for individual sizes as the main travel equipment. It’s perfect for charging a dead cell phone on the go.

This little Anchor Astro E1 fits easily in the palm of my hand and weighs only a few ounces. It will charge my smartphone from zero to 100% several times.

Check out the Astro E1 here.

We travel as a family of four, so we also like a larger charger, with a power of 20,000 mAh or more.

We’ve had an earlier generation of Anker Powercore for six or seven years now and we used it on every trip at the time, as well as at home. We just picked up a newer version of the Anker PowerCore 20100 and are excited to see if it’s as good as our old one.

Check out the new Anker PowerCore 20100 here.

WiFi access point

Skyroam Solis in case with charging cable

Poor WiFi in hotels and cafes is a fact of travel.

After too many years of dealing with slow WiFi or WiFi that was interrupted all the time, we became smart and got a WiFi hotspot that travels wherever we go. It is one of our favorite little gifts for traveling abroad.

We use it most of the time WiFi hotspot WiFi Skyroam Solis, which gives us unlimited WiFi wherever we travel in the world. It allows us to connect WiFi from home, to the backyard, to a vacation home, and even camping. It’s also a great thing on those long rides around the country.

Take a look at our personal review Skyroam Solis here.

Find out more about Skyroam Solis here.

We also sometimes use a similar Travelwifi focal point (formerly called Tep WiFI) and with it we have achieved great success in the last few years (check out our Travelwifi hotspot review here).

Lifestraw filtered water bottle

Clean water is an absolute need of every traveler.

You can buy water as you go, but it’s really nice to have clean, filtered water available at any time. It’s here LifeStraw Go water filter bottle enters the game.

Check the price on Amazon.

Travel jewelry

world map necklace

Jewelry is always a beautiful, lightweight sock and is one of the most important unique travel gifts you can give.

Etsy has a bunch of adorable, unique travel jewelry, like this world necklace.

Take a look here at Etsy.

Travel diary

A travelogue is a wonderful way to look back on your travels and remember what you did and what you didn’t like.

Even better is that this travelogue is made of vegan skin and is well rated.

See the price on Amazon here.

Travel toiletry bag

eBagsPack-it-flat lower part of toiletries

A toiletry bag may not be the most exciting travel-themed gift, but it’s definitely practical, and every traveler will love the toiletries in one place.

We have had eBags Classic Pack It Flat toiletry bags for several years now. It is fantastic for longer trips and works great on organizing toiletries. It travels folded and you can present it at your destination.

A hanger is also included so you can store it via the back of a drawer or towel rack.

You can get it in teal (shown), basic black or in a wide range of colors.

Check the price on Amazon now.

Travel toilet containers for liquids

GoToob + LoopLock

We really love Gotube travel toiletries (see our Gotube review here). They are silicone, so they are accessible and easy to pack.

They come in sizes well below the limit of 100 ml that is allowed in hand luggage. No more confiscating your favorite shampoo or conditioner at airport security.

They’re also easy to refill, and we’ve never had a single leak in the four years we’ve used them.

Check them out on Amazon.

Audio books

We are big fans of audio books in our family.

Listening to a great audio book makes a long trip a lot more fun!

See our list the best audio books for family travel, i the best travel audio books and for adults.

Check out the sound price on Amazon.

Want to save money? Set up a traveler’s library card and they can get free audio books from their local library!

Audio books

What’s better than reading a book while traveling? I’m listening to one! We are big fans of Audible and have a decent library of things that we ourselves listened to as a family during our epic travel trips.

You can get a sound subscription here and if you’re still not convinced, take a look at our list the best travel audio books. You can get them all at Audible.

See Audible here.

Travel toiletry bag

Portable hard drive

LaCie portable hard drive

If your traveler is a photographer or cameraman, you’re sure to love the extra digital storage.

An extremely lightweight portable hard drive can provide passengers with peace of mind as it can save them from losing precious photos and videos.

The robust LaCie LAC9000298 mini 2TB external hard drive is dust and shock resistant, making it great for passengers.

Look for the price on Amazon.

French travel mug

Do you like coffee? Do you like to travel? Then a cup for the French press may be a great gift.

This Espro stainless steel passenger press it is attractive, light and makes an average cup of coffee. All you need is a few terrains and a little warm water to work on the road or even while camping.

Aren’t you a coffee drinker? Take a tea filter instead.

See the price on Amazon.

Kindle with free mobile connection

The Kindle allows the traveler to carry hundreds of books on the road, which is enough even for the holiest bookstore.

If you want to be really popular, get your Kindle travel lover.

See Kindle prices on Amazon.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

We have had the original WONDERBOOM speaker for several years.

We use it all the time, and we especially like it when we go to the beach, camp or even to the yard.

The waterproof WONDERBOOM 2 gives amazing bass for its size, floats, is waterproof to the meter and comes with us whether we jump in the pool, relax in the hot tub, paddle standing rowers or sunbathe in the sun on the beach.

See details on

Travel games

If you have kids or just enjoy playing games on the go, then nothing is better than a package of versatility cards. In this regard, dedicated card games like UNO and Skip-Bo are also great.

These days we play the Monopoly Deal game wherever we go. It is a card game that we can play in 15 minutes. Lots of fun and easy to play.

See Amazon prices.

Passenger underwear

Like everyone, we have more garments without which we refuse to travel.

ExOfficio Boxer Briefs Give and Go for men they are super comfortable and high quality, dries in less than two hours and has no odors.

Click prices on Amazon here.

The ExOfficio Women’s Women’s Bikini Give-N-Go dries quickly, is comfortable and looks good.

Check out the ExOfficio give-n-go women’s bikini here.

Do you have any ideas for travel gifts for travel enthusiasts?

What would you add to this gift guide? Let us know!


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