The best Nordstrom anniversary sale


The best Nordstrom anniversary sale

Hello hello!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Nordstrom annual sale !!

The sale is a great time to stock up on staples, staples … your stuff to ride or die. But it’s also fun to reach for some high-priced items if they’re on sale.

As for items with a higher price, especially clothes, I like to think of them as an investment. My advice is to go classic. Think of it as something you will have for a really long time. The more classic it is, the less likely it is to go out of fashion and the more you will return to it.

I want to access all of these items right away so you can start shopping as soon as possible. In this post, you’ll learn about the most comfortable lipstick for everyone, an amazing face tool I can’t live without, and my favorite blanket around the world (it’s also Kardashian’s favorite love).

The best Nordstrom anniversary sale

Just before we get into the products, here’s a little refreshment on how Nordstrom sales work …

EARLY ACCESS: July 12-27

PUBLIC ACCESS: July 28 – August 8

So who got early access?

Here’s the deal. To get early access, you must be a Nordy Card member. For those who don’t know, this is it Nordstrom credit card which you can use in a store or online. You can also get access only by owning points map although. We’ll get to that in a second.

Not a member? Don’t sweat, it’s easy to sign up. Just click here, then fill in all your details on the right, where it says ‘Nordstrom Retail’, and you will immediately get the status of early access.

HOWEVER !! You should know that there are different classes and early access sales start on different days for each level. Here is the breakdown:

ICONS (spends at least $ 15,000 per year): sales begin July 12
AMBASSADORS (spend at least $ 5,000 per year): sales begin July 14
IMPACTS (spends at least $ 2,000 per year): sale begins July 16
INSIDERS (spends at least $ 500 a year): sales begin July 28

Okay, let’s get into these items that I know you’ll all like.

Nordstrom Skinny Confidential Anniversary Elections:

Makeup of the best Nordstrom anniversary sale


Charlotte Tilbury pillow beautification set

This lipstick and lip liner fits everyone well. EVERYONE! This set also comes with eye shadow, and I have no doubt that Charlotte Tilbury has made all the shades so that they work for every single skin tone.

Pillow Talk lipstick and lip pencil are the best lip liner and color that I promise to return to. If you want to know more details about why I love this lipstick, take a look this post.

beautyBlender sponges

beautyBlender makeup sponges are subject to run or die. I have one for sun protection and one for makeup, so this set is perfect because it comes with 2. There is so much nonsense on the market, but these are the ones you want to get. Here’s the key: make sure it’s moist. It will create the most horny, perfect glow on your face. Trust me.

For some reason I just think they work best when they’re super dirty. LOL. I know awful. However, they are obvious needs cleaning every now and then to get rid of bacteria and old products.

Bobby brown lip shades

Bobbi Brown is an icon!

Sidenote: Did you know she is in my new book GET OUT OF THE SUN? Be sure to use her for all her tips and tricks.

Either way, these lip shades are the perfect shade to achieve your natural look. The color is not too drastic so it is perfect for summer.

Laura Mercier Primer

By now, you may have known I loved the example. Give me anything to make my makeup fit nicely, plz & thx. This manual by Laura Mercier does just that. It’s great that this comes in a pack of 2 because you’ll be using it almost every day.

I’ve been using it lately ICE QUEEN face oil under makeup, but it’s always nice to have Laura Mercier in her makeup bag.

Ricky Lighted Mirror

This mirror is perfect for lessons if that’s your thing. Eyebrows, makeup, skin care, hair, everything you share with the audience on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you will want this mirror. The illuminated edges will give you a perfect shine, and it even comes with a phone clasp so you can mount the phone to have your hands free.

Some of the advantages are: double voltage so you can use it in any country, it is extremely light, has 3 times magnification, comes with a rechargeable battery, has an adjustable stand and has a magnetic phone clip.


Nordstrom skin care skin care

Washing kit and body lotion

I have bought this set several times and it is great to use while breastfeeding. Without cruelty, there are no harmful ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicone, talc, alcohol, synthetic dyes and fragrances, tars and chemical screens.

Washing my body with eucalyptus is my favorite. If you read this post you know i am a big fan of eucalyptus shower and using shower gel creates a complete spa experience. Try this brand while it’s on sale, because it’s the one you don’t want to miss. The consistency is just fine and they lie so nicely on a loofah or a dry brush ( dry brushing is bullshit btw).

Exfoliate cleanser

Kate Somerville products are expertly crafted to give you results. We have the whole ball Skinny confidential ON AND ON podcast 109. If you’re looking for some more hydration, take a look dermal quenching. It bothers the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. But Exfoliate must have. Using scrub peels and fruit enzymes, this product will beautify and renew your skin. You can see exactly how I use it in my AM skin care routine video.

Exfoliate by Kate Somerville is perfect because it gets rid of dead skin cells and cleans pores without too much drying.

Dr. Dennis Gross facial preparation kit

If you want to have the dearest, brightest skin with the smallest pores, let me introduce you to your new best friend. You can learn more about facial mating and this specific steam pair this post.

This is a great tool you want to get if you want to boost your skin care routine. The greenhouse enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen, prepares the skin for exfoliation and product application, and accelerates the absorption and effectiveness of the products that follow.

Ultra Repair First Aid Cream Beauty

This is a great cream that you will always have on hand in case your skin really dries out. It is good for all skin types, without any bastards and simply moisturizes your skin.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Recovery Set

Barbara Sturm is another icon whose skincare line is based on science. If you want to try some of her products, this is a great set to start with. Contains: serum, cleanser, face cream and a super pack of anti-aging face cream.

Oh, I have to tell you that Kate Somerville, dr. Dennis Gross et al. Barbara Sturm GET OUT OF THE SUN !!


Fashion Nordstrom sale

Button-up shirt on rails

You may have already heard me talk about those flannels from the Rails. They come in several different colors and are such a good main thing. They look great with skinny jeans, jeans (circumference this post for the best BF jeans), shorts, skirts. Plus, they’re the softest fabric ever.

Spanx black body

This black body from Spanx keeps you in, will never go out of fashion and is good for all seasons. Lately I’ve been really into bodysuits, whether it’s tracksuits or baggy jeans, they’re really flattering and make me feel ripped off.

Boots over the knee

Knee-high boots look so good with leggings, a skirt or skinny jeans. These have a heel, but it’s not too high, so they’re still super comfortable. The fact that these boots cross over the knee makes them more exciting than the knee-high boots themselves.

Classic pajama set

You can’t go wrong with this classic pajama set. It comes in several different colors, is the softest fabric and is just the most comfortable set you will own. They are usually affordable, but they are extremely affordable. You should know that there is also an available set that comes with you short pants– I’d like to go black.

In addition, these pajamas are a Nordstrom brand, meaning they are made in a factory that supports the empowerment of women workers through HERproject.

Vince wool sweater Merino wool

As I mentioned above, some things are an investment piece. This Vince merino wool sweater is comfortable, wide but chic, perfect for Aspen (LOL).

‘It’s big’, so keep in mind what size you order. This sweater is ribbed on the cuffs and hem, it has a white or brownish, gray color. I’m a completely white team, but you do it.

Sidenote: This sweater is for cleaning only.


Household items for sale in Nordstrom

A blanket from a dream of bare feet

This is really a ride or death for me. It is actually the blanket of your dreams. My friend Gillian gave me one a few years ago and I never looked back. Michael is obsessed, Boone is obsessed, Zaza is obsessed (they are baby blankets also ! ) & as you can see, I’m obsessed.

The blankets are oily, beautiful and you may have seen pictures of paparazzi Khloe Kardashian leaving the airport wrapped in one. They come in leopard, snow leopard and some other colors and designs. You can’t go wrong.


So obsessed with diffusers. Everyone knows that. They are everywhere in my house, in my office, all my friends have them – I just can’t keep quiet about them. They are in my house Vitruvius (They are matte, in elegant colors, and the fog comes out in this super sexy way). However, Vitruvi are ceramic so little heavy.

I recently found this one that is a little smaller and lighter so it’s perfect to take it with you on a trip to make your hotel room feel right at home. It is white, elegant, has different timer settings and all you need to bring is your favorite oil. For more information on essential oils, see this post.

Schott Zwiesel whiskey glasses

These glasses are perfect if you are dealing with craft cocktails. Westin recently got Michael this drinks for smokers. If you think that sounds cool, I’ll tell you it is. The announcement comes later this week. These glasses are extremely elegant and timeless, and they are also in the dishwasher.

Hydro zucchini

I’m sure you all find it so annoying to talk about hydro-zucchini, but I have them around me all the time. It’s the best way to inject more water and get things frozen fucking cold (or hot if that’s your thing). Just be careful straw lid also. The key is to drink more water.

Wood / marble serving board

Ever since we moved to Austin, I’ve really been keeping our house “natural”. This means that in my meditation station I have a wooden bathroom mat, wooden soap dispensers, neutral colors, and our furniture was designed by Westin and is all WHITE (wish me luck with the dog and children).

We want everything to feel light, airy and zen, so this wood and marble serving plate fits perfectly into our kitchen. You can use it as a sausage board, a veggie tray, a plate of fruit, and even store it upright on a backsplash so it’s always exposed.

Here you have the best items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Like I said above, selling is the perfect time to stock up on beauty, skin care products and makeup that you keep coming back to.

What’s in your shopping cart? Tell me all your responsibilities below.

Happy shopping !!

x, lauryn

+ handle this post for all the advice of dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare.

++ if you are looking for an online savings store, take a look this post.


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