The best places to visit in the Cayman Islands


We don’t usually encourage people to travel luxuriously. Only sometimes and this is one of those times. Many of us have postponed our vacation due to the pandemic, but as more and more places are opening up and more and more of us are looking forward to traveling, many want a beach holiday. Many think of the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands are the perfect luxury sunny destination for your Caribbean trip. Here you can enjoy “real” crystal clear waters and an endless stream of fantastic rum cocktails. Don’t just go to the Cayman Islands with Go exclusive. Get ready to spend and pamper yourself best of all. Go bon viveur – from stunning resorts, to a carefully prepared buffet, the bait of new escapades will not be cheap.

Cayman is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean, but an exotic vacation experience is worth every penny spent in this heavenly luxury beach retreat.

Cayman, as it is commonly called, has three different islands; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac i Little Cayman.

You will mostly land on the largest of the three islands, i.e. “Grand,” but let’s first see what the smaller ones offer, and then wrap up the best of the best.

So here’s what we can expect in Cayman.

Cayman Brac

Delight is an understatement. Charming, exotic and freshly peaceful, this little hidden gem has everything you dreamed of to make the island escape. If you love nature, organic food and rare sea creatures, this is the place to stay for a little longer. The island is only 30 minutes away from the main island – Grand Cayman.

Cayman Brac was once a pirate sanctuary nicknamed the “Brothers of the Sea”. Most of the established pirates came here to seek refuge as well as to hide their stolen treasure.

In keeping with nature, small towns have different names – you’ll find charming names like “Watering Point” and “Cotton Tree Bay”. The resorts offer both luxurious and relaxed accommodation close to the locations you plan to visit on the island. Everything is compact, short distances, lots of open space to allow people to walk / ride a bike instead of riding.

Sights and activities on Brac

Explore a local parrot reserve Museum,, Heritage House, explore the limestone caves, the wreck of Captain Keith Tibbetts; fishing expeditions, rock climbing or cyclingand pirate elements like a sunken shipwreck.

Don’t miss the birdwatching dream hidden in the lush forests as you come face to face with exotic parrots, beautiful falcons and elegant brown boobies nestled in their natural habitat. As you hike the crossed paths within the Brač forest, you will also come across reptiles that you should avoid – some of which can be deadly (while enjoying the beautiful flower scene around you). If you come across caves, stop by the brief history of the Pirate Bay.

Seven mile beach

The Cayman Islands are the perfect resort in the Caribbean.

Little Cayman

Its tiny, distant and timely films and films – a wonderland, a peaceful paradise that stretches only 10 miles and a mile wide. This is Little Cayman. Life is important here beach activities, deep diving and fishing while indulging in all the fine things the net island has to offer.

Enjoy the spacious silence sandy beaches to the sound of the rustling of palm trees or a ride along the shore. Explore the sound lagoon of South Hole for a lazy swim or paddle in a boat and see the beautiful landscape of Little Cayman. Head to the neighboring island of Owen to enjoy the more picturesque seascapes in serene landscapes.

If you love nature, you’ll enjoy the birdsong in the Booby Pond Nature Reserve. Other popular places to visit include the Bloody Bay Wall Wall – a diving spot for water sports enthusiasts with a drop height of 5500 feet! Enjoy the marine life 100 meters below and get closer to the turtles, stingrays and sharks over a glass wall.

In the evening, dine in the only restaurant in Little Cayman – Hungry Iguana and enjoy Cajun cuisine and a self-service bar, where you can get a beer from the fridge and register it in the counter book. (Probably short staff)

Best places to visit on the Grand Cayman

Seven mile beach

Seven mile beach takes the form of a crescent with pristine shores that stretch to beautifully designed resorts. It is a favorite place for most visitors. The coast is public property, so you can walk the entire length (9 miles) regardless of the residential resort where you are staying. It’s also safe to stroll along the beach or laze all morning on a stretcher without the crowds of beach vendors mostly found on Caribbean beaches.

Best times to enter The Great Cayman is mid-January and take part in the legendary Cayman Cookout. Hosts some of the world’s best chefs like Eric Ripper, Bourdain, you don’t want to miss this extraordinary event among other famous chefs.

Starfish Point

Have you ever seen hordes of beautiful colorful starfish swimming in shallow waters? It’s a sight to watch! This is what awaits you at Point of starfish. You can see this stunning beach that stretches on the east side of the Grand Cayman. Swim in the warm, clear waters on this breathtaking beautiful beach. As you watch the starfish from the shore float in the shallows and hunt for food. These fascinating starfish often love to swim while probing swimmers on the beach. You can play with five-legged creatures until you carry them under the surface of the water – or expose them to the air. They are quite sensitive and can damage tissue if exposed within a few seconds.

Crystal Caves, Old Man Bay

Popularly known as the oldest natural wonder in the Grand Cayman, this is a favorite spot for brave explorers or regular beach lovers looking for the perfect place to surpass the Caribbean heat. Crystal caves will surely satisfy. Formed thousands of years ago, Crystal caves offers spectacular views through three recesses with stunning rock formations, including calcium-based stalagmites and stalactites and crystals of the same name glistening in dimly lit caves. Legend has it that in the caves there is still a hidden treasure of Cayman pirates who took refuge here months ago. The view of the caves is extremely beautiful, every year it attracts a lot of visitors to the place.

Travel tip: Wear sneakers to prevent slipping on uneven cave terrain.

Water Sports Red Sail, Grand Cayman

This is the best place to ride scooters, which lead to the waves as the perfect adrenaline pump you need for the cooling effect in warm waters on Red Sail. If you’re a good driver, you’ll easily drive on the left side (British thing), if not, hire a driver and an hour or two stop for an exciting jet ski experience across the Caribbean. Water Sports Red Sail offers speed addicts a chance to escape by splashing freely on the high seas as you skillfully glide along the reefs. Have you never experienced riding a motorcycle before? Don’t worry, Red Sail staff is offering ski training on the ski slope at Seven Mile Beach for reporters, after which you’ll rave with confidence in one of the wavy runners in the Caribbean seas.


Katie and I are not cruisers. We love the freedom of wandering, but the Cayman Islands are a popular stop for those who like to cruise.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

If you think the Jurassic Park dinosaurs were a fake and surreal fantasy, think again. Want to see real giant ugly dinosaurs? This is the place to be. The Queens Park It is home to endangered species, currently at about 750 of the massive over five-foot-long Blue Iguanas – as they are often called. Thanks to the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, the efforts of local authorities to preserve them, the only endangered species in the whole world – in the Grand Cayman – modern dinosaurs like to sunbathe in the botanical park. To take a look at these giant creatures, take a walk along the park path in the background of some of the most beautiful rugged landscapes on the island.

Cayman Islands National Gallery

Numerous artists around the world visit the Cayman Islands to view and draw spectacular landscapes that encourage countless creative pilgrims to the region each year. In fact, it is now a tradition for ambitious artists to produce vivid paintings inspiring the stunning natural beauties of the Cayman Islands. Most of these images are shown on the magnificent Cayman Islands National Gallery Cayman Islands. Within the huge art collection, you will find an excellent display of island stories preserved in ceramics and on canvas, providing an invaluable awareness of the unique countries and culture of the people. The gallery receives about 2 million visitors a year just to witness the brilliant works of Shane Aquart among other dignitaries.

Observatory in Camana Bay

Thinking of the perfect place to watch the sunset other than a typical terrace overlooking the ocean? The Camana Bay Observatory offers the perfect place to catch a romantic sunset from the perfect vantage point.

The upper deck of the Observation Tower is located over 150 meters overlooking George Town, in the shops of Camana Bay. From here you can see the golden view of the sea and the city with extraordinary architecture. The staircase of the tower’s double coil, adorned with a magnificent mosaic of countless delicate Venetian glass tiles, acts soothing, making the steps of the tower worth your time. If you’re not exactly an artistic dreamer and prefer to skip the strenuous climb up the stairs, take the elevator right to the top. If you are early, the better, because you will experience first-hand watching the magnificent sunset from start to finish. Be sure to record enough videos of this extraordinary moment to share on Insta!

Kimpton Seafire

Don’t think about spending here (maybe if you’re traveling on a limited budget), but this is a chic resort. It’s not one of the best in the region, but here’s why you should consider it Kimpton Seafire as an ideal place for your holiday in Cayman:

Just ten years old, the Seafire offers a true Caribbean experience from ambiance to dazzling polished limestone. The decor, cutlery, overall ambiance is of a strictly recognizable Caymanian flavor, with wood, wooden ropes, sea shells and local artwork. Rooms offer a natural island resort set in the desired backdrop of Seven Mile Beach, including three excellent restaurants with a Caribbean bar. Try it. Get a room with a view of the sunset. You will love it!


Seafire is a spectacular beachfront hotel with an excellent spa. Enjoy. Relax. And luxurious.

Our final word

To summarize the Cayman Islands, we will leave you with the best of the best – a warning for a spoiler that you should start with when visiting this heavenly place. Smith Cove in George Town, you can dive here without the world’s concern about safety measures. It is absolutely beautiful and safe.

The Red Bay harbor has an amazing calming effect. Everything around him unites your peace of mind. Clouds, water and breeze. Overall, if you don’t mind spending double-double for almost as long as you’re on vacation, this is the best place to break up an unforgettable holiday.

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