The best tips for traveling with a baby


Tips for traveling with a baby

Ohhhhhh boy oh boy. This post is for all parents out there.

By no means am I an expert on traveling with a baby or children. In fact, I am more of a practitioner. I mean, let’s try anything that works, right?

One thing I know, it’s a lot of work. Today I just want to share with you what has worked for me in the past.

Of course, from 2020, people don’t travel much, but these are tips you can use when you start your journey again (just trying to look on the bright side here).

The best tips for traveling with a baby

Travel tips for skinny confidential (but like with a baby):

♡ Put in a wheelchair.

This advice is brought to you by my husband Michael. This stroller it is light, thin and fits in a compartment above the plane’s head. When you enter, everyone will look at you, but then you will bend over, store it, and move on.

This is so great for travel and fits perfectly in the trunk of Ubers and taxis. It’s not some huge, bulky equipment.

♡ Have stickers on hand.

This is so coincidental and I can’t remember who gave me this advice. But bring it stickers. This will give your baby’s little fingers something to play with. Even if it distracts them for 15-20 minutes, this is a great hack to buy time.

Zaza plays with the sticker and loves them. Put them on your face, then my face, then take them off. OBVIOUSLY watch your child carefully so that he does not eat it or choke on it. I don’t think you can, it’ll suffocate you in your lap for the whole flight.

Stickers are so easy to bring that they don’t take up space and stimulate their little brains a little.

Prepare food and a cup to drink.

I like to carry little Yeti with mixed blueberries, bananas and spinach. In another bowl, I will get sweet potatoes, banana puree and avocado. Healthy fats keep small bellies full longer.

I will bring a bowl, a spoon and a breastplate and give her snacks of the food I brought. Most of the time I’ll also bring a whole banana and just grab a little into the spoon to bite it in if it needs a snack (or a nuisance LOL).

There is also this baby cup which I got because Kylie Jenner recommended it and Zaza loves it. Just keep it empty, and when you pass the insurance, fill it with a bottle of water from the store.

In addition, I like to buy a bottle of milk. You never know.

♡ Download the music before boarding the plane.

I learned that the hard way. When we flew to Aspen, I went to play Zaza’s favorite song Lady and tramp soundtrack. It calms her down, calms her down and she’s been listening to it since the day she was born.

Anyway, I went to play it and it wouldn’t work! I didn’t know I had to download music to be able to play it on Spotify when we weren’t working. I was so fucked up. Now I know to pick up everything I need (or even think I MAY need) before the flight.

If you are interested in Zazina’s playlist, you can scope here and then download it on Spotify. Trust me, the playlist makes a big difference.

Bring a pacifier, even if the baby is not using it. Listen to me …

He was our pediatrician podcast a little while ago we talked about parental anenia, child care, vaccines and more. He also told me that a child’s ears crack during takeoff and landing and that is why they cry most often. My mind was thrilled. I didn’t know that – did you?

Having a suction pacifier can relieve pressure. Sure, you could give them a lollipop, but that sounds wrong, a little dangerous. LMAO.

We love this dudu And I literally keep them everywhere. In my purses, in my stroller, in my diaper bag – everywhere. Be sure to bring 2 flights in case you drop one drop and disgusting carpet or if you lose one. Because when you need it, YOU NEED ONE.

Other quick tips:

Dress the baby in comfortable clothes.

♡ Bring a blanket from home.

Try to coordinate the flight with your sleep schedule.

♡ Bring a garbage bag or some kind of garbage bag, banana peel, dirty spoons and bowls, etc.

Promise diamonds if needed.

Do everything you have to do to get over it. It’s hard there, let me tell you.

I hope these tips will help you grab at least a few moments of peace if you are going on an upcoming flight with your toddler. I pray for you. LOL.

I would love to know all your tips, tricks and hacks for traveling with a baby or just kids in general. Share!

x, lauryn

+ the magical fairy water which is why my baby stops crying.

++ the mandatory accessories every new mom needs.


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