The best travelogues on YouTube in 2021


If you’re anything like me, your YouTube home feed includes lots of travel stories, with food and travel travelogues, explorers around the world, van life channels, and outdoor adventurers.

the best travelogues on YouTube of women in winter in front of a Canadian lake and mountains

Watching travel videos helps me decide where to travel next in the world and what exactly to do when I get there.

Traveling around the world in humans is currently difficult with a pandemic, so I loved watching travel adventures almost from my favorite youtubers. It’s a wonderful way to mentally escape the stress and uncertainty of the past year.

YouTube has over 2 billion (yes, that ‘s a billion with b) monthly registered users. If you’re a future travel vlogger, watching videos on YouTube can be as simple as capturing videos, editing using a video editor like Fastreel, and upload. Because getting started on YouTube can be so easy, it means there are a lot of vloggers on the platform with interesting stories.

Many of my favorite vloggers introduce viewers to adventure adventures around the world, while others stay closer to home.

Several travel bloggers on this list, such as Kara and Nate, have made the transition from travel videos that are transmitted to the words and life of the van during the pandemic. Others have bought and renovated insulated cabins, while others continue their adventures locally.

I enjoy watching their current adventures, but it’s also a great time to dig through the archives and watch older videos. I even check out a few classics tourist TV shows from time to time!

The best YouTube travel channels

Check out some of our favorite YouTube travel channels. We think these are some of the best travel writers on YouTube right now.

Kara and Nate 2.1 million YouTube subscribers

I just found Kara and Nate’s channel in the last year. It’s fantastic and I wish I had found it sooner!
Kara and Nate are a team of husbands and wives from Nashville, Tennessee, who traveled to 100 countries before travel slowed in 2020.

The production quality of this channel is fantastic, with high quality videography and great sound. These days, they are preparing content by driving a van through the USA, with a stopover in interesting accommodation and attractions.

Favorite video: We slept outside in Antarctica

Eamon and Bec 782,000 YouTube subscribers

Eamon and Vienna are a Canadian couple I started watching while traveling Europe and Morocco in their refurbished Sprinter van. Here is an abundance of wonderful content about their travels, their vegan recipes (they even have a vegan cookbook) and life along the way.

These days, Eamon and Vienna are announcing the renovation of their cabin in the forest of Ontario in Canada.

Favorite video: How to spend the winter in the Canadian wilderness

Forest forest 245,000 YouTube subscribers

Forest woods are the right thing to do if you are interested in bike tours, mountain climbs and great outdoor spaces. His crockpot often appears, along with simple homemade dishes prepared in a van.

This is old school YouTube, with no paid sponsorships or paid reviews.

You will find yourself singing an insanely appealing themed song, ”Forest forest, live in a van … Forest forest!

I always catch myself smiling when there’s a new shipment to the Foresty Forest.

Favorite video: Life in a minivan during freezing

Christian Schaffer – 70,000 subscribers

Christian lives off of her as a photographer for adventure and outdoor travel, and she was also a former Abercrombie model and retail manager.

As you would expect, her travel videography is beautiful, but the channel is full of thoughtful, intelligent advice on van life, making money, and life in general.

Favorite video: Van Life | Parking and private women’s security

Wild card: Tom Green 267,000 YouTube subscribers

I bet you didn’t expect to find Tom Green on this list!

Tom is best known as a comedian whose career began on MTV in the 1990s. He is known for an unusual and often quite juvenile comedy like Bum Bum Song,, Slutmobileand the Hollywood films Road Trip and Charlie’s Angels, as well as Drew Barrymore’s wedding in the early 2000s.

These days Green seems a lot more introspective as he spends his life in a van with his adorable dog Charlie. Green is still an unusual mix, with beautiful cinematography, visits to stunning and missing places, music offerings and unfortunate live streams of free form.

Favorite Video: Lost Ancient City in America – Tom Green Visits Chaco Culture National Historical Park – Van Life

Thin potatoes 129,000 YouTube subscribers

Slim Potatohead is something unusual among travelogues.

There are definitely good videos and storytelling here, but this is not a deposit for you if you are looking for fast journeys with great excitement. Thin twists in his adventures and often very little seems to happen on a given blog. Still, he’s definitely an authentic voice worth checking out.

He travels towing a small older trailer, spending a lot of time offline in nature. Older videos show the U.S. and Mexico, but these days it focuses on travel within Canada. There are videos about frugal camper renovations, camping sites, and an abundance of exploration and meandering.

Favorite travel video: Latitude High: Camp Arctic Circle Campout

Mark Wiens 7.28 million YouTube subscribers

Delighted and energetic, Mark Wiens is a food vlogger who talks about Southeast Asia from his home base in Bangkok, Thailand.

I first met Mark’s blog about migration back in 2012 and I loved following his transition to one of YouTube’s most popular food and travel bloggers.

It contains a lot of videos with street food, with a strong focus on Thai food and travel.

Favorite video: Extreme Thai street food – CRAZY TOM YUM late night food tour in Bangkok, Thailand!

Tyler and Todd 77,000 YouTube subscribers

Tyler and Todd are one of my absolute favorite channels. They are funny, interesting and have absolutely beautiful videography and solid sound.

They are a Canadian couple traveling with their adorable dogs Charlie and Eddy.

Because of the pandemic, they are not traveling at the moment, but I loved watching them build houses in Nova Scotia by building an offline cabin.

Incredibly cute and funny, they are a pleasure to watch every week.

Favorite video: Gay Couple’s Rutine | I live in RV full time

Vancity Vanlife 145,000 YouTube subscribers

Vancity Vanlife features Chrome and its adorable bulldog puppy, Cruz.

Chrome is a former professional DJ, so this is a fantastic channel if you like great music and great sound. As a former DJ, he has a fantastic voice for sound.

It broadcasts almost every day, and this channel is a return to early daily roles on YouTube. The videos are mostly based on Vancouver, British Columbia, but he stays around Canada and the US when he can. It is a great channel for getting to know the reality of everyday life of a van.

Favorite video: Winter van life in the frozen Canadian mountains … Is it lonely here?

Drew Binsky 2.34 million YouTube subscribers

Drew, an American YouTuber, is definitely an engaging and fun presence on YouTube. He is also controversial, as he continued to travel during the pandemic, and has garnered criticism for visiting countries like North Korea.

This is the kind of channel you are likely to love or hate.

Favorite videos: He is an ice man (Wim Hof)

Project Amber 57,000 YouTube subscribers

The Amber project follows the adventures of a British vlogger and his adorable Spaniel puppy Lance as they travel in a refurbished former ambulance.

There is a lot of great content in the archives, which includes trips around Great Britain and Europe.

The duo of men and dogs have just bought land offline in Portugal and I look forward to watching his local Portuguese adventures.

Favorite video: VAN TOUR – Former ambulance facing the house on wheels, with a log burner and a bedroom upstairs

Lost in Europe

Ash Pollard from Lost in Europe is a 27-year-old photographer from Leicester / England.

As the channel’s title suggests, it mostly depicts van travel around Europe. Here’s a wonderful video, and I loved his time in Scotland, as well as his new content about van life in the winter.

Favorite video: Winter snowstorm living in a van / life Arctic outside

Bald and bankrupt 2.66 million subscribers

Bald and bankrupt follows the adventures of English travel writer Benjamin Rich, who mainly focuses on visiting post-Soviet countries.

This channel is much more about getting to know everyday people and getting to know them and their lives, than about movie scenes and views. It’s great fun and I love that it focuses on meeting people.

Like Drew Binsky, Rich traveled during the pandemic. Rich was hospitalized for nine days because of the coronavirus in July 2020 in Serbia, which was not locked at the time. He admitted that he was “blamed” for the pandemic and that he was he warned his viewers to take the pandemic seriously.

Favorite video: Inside the Belarus Chernobyl Zone

These are just some of my top picks for the best travel roles on the YouTube channel to follow in 2021! I hope you enjoy watching their videos as much as I do.

Do you have any suggestions for the best travel vloggers we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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