The Different Types of Oriental Area Rugs


If you are considering buying an Oriental area rug, you should be aware of the differences between the two types. Handmade rugs are unique in their weave and foundation threads. Machine-made rugs usually have the same pattern from end to end. A handmade luxury rug will however have a variety of variations, many of which are intentional. In addition, a hand-knotted rug will have a different design from end to edge. It is important to shop for a luxury hand-made rug.

The Antique Persian rugs is the first Oriental rug. This style was originally made in India or Persia. They were heavily influenced by nature with many of their designs reflecting landscapes or other scenes. Modern rugs replicate some of the patterns of traditional Persian rugs, but they are more often made from synthetic materials. This makes it difficult to identify authentic hand-knotted oriental rugs.

Another type is the Chinese “cloud-collar” rug. The pattern is asymmetrical and can have multiple rows of geometric shapes. Some Persian rugs are made with three to four rows trefoils. These designs are often repeated in one design. Some Oriental rug designs have multiple layers. The main border usually has one to ten small borders. Many have more than one border. However, it is possible for a rug to be multi-colored.

Adding an oriental rug to a formal room will make the space more elegant and sophisticated. The simple geometric design and rich color will make the space look more elegant and modern. It is important that you choose the right style as it can bring different design elements together. There are many options for oriental rugs. These rugs will bring life to your furniture. You need to be careful when selecting rugs.

The shape of an oriental rug is essential when selecting the right one

A rectangular rug will give your room a more contemporary look. The size of your room will depend on the design of your space and your budget. A large rug is easier to maintain than one that is smaller, which can be a significant consideration in modern spaces. A small size is not necessary when choosing an Oriental rug for a small space.

Handmade oriental rugs are more expensive that their machine-made counterparts. Handmade oriental rug quality varies depending on the quality of the yarns and their knot count. Some are hand-knotted, while others are machine-made. The knot count for a hand-knotted rug will be higher than one made from machine-made yarns. Because of their history, quality, and rarity, they are considered collectible.

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