The founder of Grofers responds to criticism; explains how co delivers groceries in 10 minutes


Grocery Platform Founder and CEO Albers Albinder Dhinds on Saturday responded to the “hatred” the company received for promising to deliver groceries in 10 minutes and said “not all companies are built on the backs of exploitation of the poor.”

Dhindsa said some people think the company is forcing its drivers to drive fast and violating traffic rules, and that it is an “inhumane corporation seeking a valuation” that puts lives in danger of delivering groceries in 10 minutes.

Explaining how the company delivers groceries in 10 minutes, Dhindsa said Grofers ’partner stores are 2 miles away from its customers, and that it already has more than 60 stores in Delhi and more than 30 stores in Gurgaon.

“Our shops are so densely located that we can deliver 90% of orders within 15 minutes, even if our drivers drove below 10 km / h!” in a statement shared by Dhindsa on Twitter.

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The statement claims that the company packs most orders in less than 2.5 minutes, and that in the last two months since the 10-minute food delivery was launched, it has not had any reported incidents with riders.

It was said that the company’s drivers are not motivated to deliver orders quickly and to deliver at their own pace and rhythm.

“Last but not least, not all companies are built on the exploitation of the poor. There are companies that are built by creating a large number of jobs and creating huge value for all shareholders. We are and want to continue to be one of these companies,” he said. in a statement.

Dhindsa said it “breaks my heart” that instead of celebrating the innovations coming from India, “some of us remain cynical / envious of people trying to break the status quo. We need more people who dare and less of those who pull them down.” .

Dhindsa found himself under fire from social media users after he responded to a user’s tweet that his order from Grofer had been delivered in 13 minutes, saying: “It’s 3 minutes too long …”

While the user deleted his tweet, the founder of Grofer’s tweet is still available.

Social media users have accused the company of “exploiting” and endangering the safety of its drivers.

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