The latest on the coronavirus: Vaccination rates in the United States are increasing, says Biden


While 4.2 million deaths from Covid-19 have been reported to the World Health Organization, a study conducted by economist Ariel Karlinsky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and researcher Dmitry Kobak of the University of Tübingen is estimated to have more than 1m more deaths than reported at the official points of death.

New York City will demand proof of vaccination for a variety of indoor activities, from dining to health clubs and concerts, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday. The city is believed to be the first in the country to introduce such restrictions as it fights a more contagious variant of the Delta Covid-19.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, said that “hospital admission has slowed down” and that it should reach its peak soon, after the latest the data show record levels.The number of Covid-19 patients in populated areas of Miami-Dade and Jacksonville was “about half as low as it was during last year’s wave,” he said.

Chicago has added five more states, including Georgia and Hawaii, to its list of travel advisers due to the high rate of coronavirus infection. Advisory looking for unvaccinated passengers to get a negative test for Covid-19 no later than 72 hours before arrival or take a 10 day quarantine.

Sweaty Betty fans include Oceans Sheroes, a foursome from the UK who rowed from San Francisco to Hawaii in May
Sweaty Betty fans include Oceans Sheroes, a foursome from the UK who rowed from San Francisco to Hawaii in May © Sweaty Betty via Instagram @sweatybetty

Sweaty Betty, the British women’s clothing company that has become favorite wardrobe during the pandemic, it was sold to a shoemaker based in the United States. New York-listed Wolverine World Wide, a shoe expert owned by Hush Puppies, said Tuesday that he acquired the company in a $ 410 million deal.

U.S. and European consumers by replacing pet clothing with polo shirts and dresses helped improve Ralph Lauren’s quarterly results. Retail revenue it rose to $ 1.4 billion in the first fiscal quarter ended June 26, from $ 487.5 million a year ago, when sales fell during quarantine.

Microsoft has followed Google by demanding that workers and guests who come to its U.S. offices be vaccinated from September. Large technology companies’ vaccine mandates seek to protect workers from Covid-19 exposure, but at risk provoking a reaction from some employees.

Clorox predicts weaker sales next year, due to pandemic-driven demand for bleaches and disinfectants disappears in the middle of vaccination v. Covid-19. The company forecast sales would fall 2 to 6 percent in fiscal 2022. That was worse than the 1 percent drop estimated by analysts.

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