The scare of the Ambani bomb and the untold secret of the tainted Mumbai policeman Sachin Vaze


From meeting experts to running his social networking platform and designing WhatsApp like an indigenous messaging app – suspended Mumbai police officer Sachin Vaze has done it all. Vaze was in the center of attention due to the suspicion that he participated in the bomb scare at the residence of Mukesh Ambani in the Antilles.

Vase has also delved into the world of technology, encrypted content, social media, cyber-security and communication. The suspended police officer from Mumbai is also the author of two books and has registered 6 trademarks against his name. He once sued Bollywood actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza for copyright infringement.

Vaze was under suspension for his alleged role in the Khwaja Yunus prison death case before returning to work in June last year.

Here is an overview of other lives led by a tainted Mumbai police officer Sachin Vase:

Vaze’s messaging app

Prior to Vaze’s suspension following his alleged role in the Khwaja Yunus case in 2003, he worked on technological crimes such as cybercrime, bank fraud, etc. After the suspension, Vase used his cyber skills and experience with technology in creating several technology platforms and products.

His ‘Direct Baat’ messaging and communication app, aimed at businesses, government agencies and high-profile individuals, was a paid service. Vaze claimed the Direct Baat app was “the most secure communication suit in the world”.

The platform was launched in October 2018 and had features such as messaging, video calling and file sharing. The app was co-designed by technician Sanyog Shelar.

A snapshot of Vaze’s App Direct Baat messaging website

The Google Playstore link provided by its developers is now obsolete, suggesting the app has been removed.

Vase’s human search engine

The former Mumbai police officer also ran a search engine for people targeting India, which he claimed offers free and paid services to its customers. Launched in 2012, Vaze’s claims to provide search-related services, including name, address, contacts and background search.

Snapshot of Sachin Vaze’s Indian People Directory platform

Vaze’s ‘Marathi Facebook’

In 2010, Vaze launched its version of Facebook for Marathi-speaking users. The now inactive platform has been promoted as “Marathi Facebook” and has invited the Marathi population to log in to its “Marathi Facebook” and connect with friends and colleagues.

Similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, the Vase social networking platform offered users “unlimited photos, links and videos”.

The structure of the platform for social networking of the Marathi language Sachin Vazea / Credits: Lai Bhaari

Title: Sample post from / Credit: Lai Bhaari

Trademark Police

Sachin Vaze has also filed six trademark claims against his name for services related to law, security, computer hardware and social media. Some of these trademark requirements include “LAPCOP,” “KNOW YOUR LAW,” “The Fascinating Side of Life,” and “LAI BHAARI”.

Vase, using his trademarks, sued Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza for copyright infringement when the couple launched a Marathi film of the same name in 2014.

Lai Bhaari trademark certificate obtained by Sachin Vase

Vase’s written work

Vaze wrote two books about the November 26 terrorist attack in Mumbai.

His Marathi book from 2012, “Jinkun Harleli Ladhaai”, claims to provide an inside overview of “the smallest details about planning the attack, execution by terrorists, counter-attacks by the Mumbai and NSG police and a comprehensive investigation of court cases”.

Vase co-wrote his second book, The Scout, with another former police officer, Shirish Thorat. The 2019 English-language book presented “David Headley’s Final Review and the Mumbai Attacks”.

(Edited by Vivek Dubey)

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