These Four Mistakes Should Be Avoided By Bounce House Rental Companies:


This list includes mistakes we’re both familiar with and professional bounce house rentals make every day. It is inevitable for mistakes to happen; yet you can minimize them and lower your stress level by realizing your mistakes and resolving them. The first companies I’d like to switch to are those that are just about to launch.

1.  Lack of knowledge of your competitors and pricing:

Although you need to know where your competition stands, it is still a good idea to be able to measure your prices based on only that. Pricing is more complex than simple pricing, and it goes to how long the rental period goes, how long the distance is covered in delivery, plus additional fees for mileage and set-up. There are so many small details that distinguish bounce house rental companies and help customers choose who to rent from. To sell yourself more effectively, you need to know this information.

2.  Doing more inventory than needed:

The UPS commercial with the new company opening their doors and being swamped the first day and being unable to keep up. It is a common problem with bounce house rental companies. I used to handwrite all my contracts on Fridays after buying a database for about a year. With one click of the mouse I can now print three times as many. Upgrade to an office phone with business lines if you are receiving repeated phone calls on your cell phone. It is important to invest in your infrastructure if you do not have enough box trucks and trailers to deliver a minimum of two-thirds of your inventory. During the transition time, make appropriate adjustments from garage to storage facility and warehouse. There are a number of things that change that can actually help you save money and time, but they’re not as expensive. The time spent cleaning five units before we moved from a storage facility to a warehouse was spent cleaning fifteen units. We avoided the need to trailer them off-site, bring generators, cleaning supplies, and return them at the end of the day. Saving money on these little things can save you a lot when updating your infrastructure.

3.  Insufficient training and hiring of help:

Our business has a history, so we all need to understand the different times in our business. January is the slowest in Texas , for instance. The month of February continues to be slower and the month of March is busier. I need to start my apprenticeship program in January and train my existing employees and see where we stand while hiring new employees and training them so we can work in March. The only time I can hire and train new employees is now before their services are required. It can help you stay calm if you’re ready to get ahead of the curve.

4.  Addition of new inventory every year:

Things were going well, and I think we had between 5 and 7 units. I added obstacle rentals and water slides to my inventory. It was a magical addition for me. A whole new variety of clients began calling, including schools and churches. Adding new products opens up the possibility of new clients. Keep your current customers as happy as possible by updating your bounce house rental inventory. Customers will look forward to finding new items in your inventory this way, too.

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