Three Simple Brain Training Exercises For Better Brain memory


A bicycle that you don’t use will rust. And a car does not start as smoothly anymore if you want to drive it again after a long period. It is the same with your brain: it will wear out if you do not use it. In short: use it or lose it.

For example, research shows that your brains from your 30 the year of life begin to decline. Very subtle and gradual, so you don’t notice it. Until one day, you ask yourself what’s going on with you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept this decline just like that. Even more: you can still undo deterioration that has already occurred! With brain training, you keep your brain in top condition. After all, if you do it right, you train your brain’s most important cognitive functions: remembering, concentration, speed, perception, and logical reasoning. Also, you optimize the connections between neurons of certain areas in your brain so that they work faster and more efficiently.

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Brain training is always beneficial. But especially in the transition years, brain training is a good idea when your brain gets extra tricky!

1.  Get outside your comfort zone.

Over the years, you build up a trusted environment for yourself. You work with your regular colleagues; the job content is familiar, your friends have been the same for years, you have lived in the same place for many years, you always go to the same supermarket, Nice and familiar and safe, but not challenging for your brain.

Therefore, regularly step outside your comfort zone. It keeps your brain alert and fresh. If you suddenly have to go shopping in a supermarket that you usually never go to, shopping is much less routine than usual. And as you force yourself to connect with new people, you also keep training yourself in absorbing further information. Or see if you can (partly) exercise a different job content at work. The chances are that you are a bit stuck in your current position.

2.  Learn something new

Keep your brain in top condition by learning something new. It could be anything. It can be something ‘big,’ such as learning a new language or learning to play an instrument. But it can also be more straightforward, for example, by learning to cook a new dish, learning a particular sport, learning a dance, Whatever you think about :-).

That way, you challenge different cognitive functions of your brain and stimulate the functioning of your brain.

3.  Play games

Games are ideal for stimulating your brain in a fun way. It can range from playing board games to completing Sudoku and crossword puzzles to effective gaming. After all, people who regularly game would have a fitter brain than other people.

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone or tablet on which you can install various games. By playing a variety of games, you can best train the different cognitive functions of your brain. So alternate a racing game with a round of Memory, and you are really on the right track!

Tip: Peak! is an entertaining app specially designed to train your brain. The app has a paid version and a free version. With the free version, you can play five games every day that stimulate the different parts of your brain. The app’s nice thing is that it chooses which games to play for you, from a range of 40 games. So variety is assured! Moreover, you can easily keep track in the app of how you are doing compared to your peers and how you are evolving.

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