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Let’s be realistic: it’s obviously very hard to find AMAZING vintage and used clothes online. You never know what you’ll get until it arrives. You think you get one, and then it looks completely different?

Today I give you some tips and tricks to save online. I took a lot of these tips from my best friend Erika @fashionlush. There are so many secrets when it comes to saving money when shopping online and finding vintage pieces. I personally love it thredUP. It’s the best online thrift store I’ve been using for a while. You can also use the SKINNY code for a 30% discount on your first purchase !!

SO HERE ARE ALL OUR JUICY SECRETS when it comes to savings (we will also go into selling tips).

Five skinny confidential tips for buying vintage and used items online:

Make a plan.

Be sure to have a vibe – I like to create a “favorite” directory on Instagram, and there I have all my favorite vintages posted by bloggers, celebrities or everyday girls. It’s called ‘VINTAGE BABY’. This way I know exactly what I am looking for.

Think of this as a support, but on Instagram. You can go back to it and continue adding to your IG FOLDER.

(For example, I was looking for this very specific Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag, so I put it in my Instagram folder. One day I was looking at my favorite online savings store (yup, thredUPdon’t worry, we’ll get into what it is in a second) and it was there. SOLD. Now I use it all the time.

If I say that finding an item that was enthusiastic on my antique vision board is an understatement. Sometimes you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, so posting everything on Instagram is incredibly strategic. LOL.

Be patient.

This brings me to my next point … BE PATIENT. It’s so hard to do, but to have faith.

It is frustrating to know exactly what you want and not be able to find it anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me – like we’ve all been there.

Recently there was this buttery, dreamy Rails black and white flannel that I wanted so much. I put it together with all the clothes in my head, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then one random day when I was watching thredUP (AGAIN) and it popped up. The feeling was so exciting – almost like finding a treasure?

Something about hunting really drives me, which is why I like to buy vintage and used things.

So be patient. What you want won’t always be available just when you want it, which is why Instagram vision is important. You can still check to easily search for what you want thredUP, even everyday, because you just never know.

Shop at a well known site.

That’s obvious. Be sure to research before signing up for any site. We’ve all heard horror stories about buying something on a random site, and it doesn’t show up or show up completely differently than the one in the picture.

I really like to research when it comes to shopping online. For used and economical purchases thredUP my approach is because it is high quality, there are over 35,000 brands and you get things up to 90% lower than the retail price. In addition, I always find vintage pieces.

Also, what I love about them is that they are dedicated to reducing the fashion footprint. New clothes and factories have an impact on the environment, so buying owned items gives clothes a new, longer lifespan.

Quality is important.

Buying high-quality classic items that last a long time can save you money in the long run, while helping the environment.

thredUP items go through multiple inspections to make sure each item is in excellent condition and the lists are accurate. There’s nothing worse than ordering something, excitedly waiting to arrive, and then being disappointed when something shitty is sent to you in the mail. Also, when packages arrive at my door, they are always packaged and presentable.

Quality, quality, quality, people. Investigate before buying anywhere online.

Look for unique pieces.

As I mentioned above, the discovery that the Rails top & Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag was so much fun because it wasn’t available anywhere else. It’s kind of a really fun game to play with. LOL.

Finding unique pieces that no one else has (or can get!) Makes your wardrobe more interesting, especially when you are about to have a vacation or events. It is special to know that no one else will have it.

With the Rails flannel, I ordered a black velvet dress and paired them. It was so important. Buying pre-loved clothes and shoes is an affordable way to buy classic high-quality items, but at the same time play with your wardrobe and buy things you would not otherwise wear.

You can conveniently step out of your comfort zone. CHIC.

Sidenote: Get to know your shit when it comes to selling clothes. Explore here too. I will never forget that I am 21 years old and selling my stuff on an unauthorized site. I sent all the goods and the buyer disputed the transaction and the company could not do anything. The main lesson has been learned, so I always research buying / selling online.

In that note, I went directly to the source to find some of the best tips for selling clothes. Here are some thredUPbest tips for selling clothes on their site:

♡ Make the closet clean! Keep what causes joy, get rid of what doesn’t.

♡ Try to sell luxury labels as opposed to non-luxe, as they will sell for more.

♡ Take care of your clothes! This means:

+ shaving sweaters not to be covered with tablets.

+ make sure to remove all stains and odors.

+ replace missing buttons or broken zippers.

+ iron and fold your items nicely so it gives a great first impression.

{source: 1,, 2 }

Here you go. Some of my favorite tips and tricks for buying your favorite and vintage clothes. I would love to know if you have anything to add.

Be sure to use the SKINNY code for a 30% discount on your first purchase of the code thredUP.

Happy shopping!

of love, Lauryn.

+ the fiber roller you need in your life.

++ how organize shit out of your house.

+ this post is in collaboration with thredUP – as always, all opinions are mine.


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