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Injuries Undiscovered

East. Return 8/21/2021

$He signed a four-year contract with the Lions in the amount of 19.82 million dollars in May 2019.

He leaves in the 1st week of the preseason

August 13, 2021

Hockenson (not revealed) did not match the opening of the preseason on Friday against the Bills.

With Hockenson out, the new Lions quarterback Jared Goff primarily targeted Tyrell Williams, which ended with two 30-meter catches on four targets. When he is healthy, Hockenson will probably become Goff’s best option in the game for passing. The narrow end, chosen by Detroit in the first round of the 2019 draft, will look healthy before the 2nd week of the preseason, when the Lions will travel to Pittsburgh.

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Look at the red zone options within the 20, 10 and 5 yard lines, along with the percentage of time they turned the opportunity into a touchdown.

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How can TJ Hockenson’s advanced statistics for 2020 compare to other narrow goals?

This section compares his advanced statistics with players in the same position. The bar represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, then the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and will be considered the average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

  • Air yards per game

    The number of air yards he averages per game. Air yards measure how much ball is thrown into the field for complete and incomplete passes. Air yards are recorded as a negative value when the passage is directed behind the intersection line. All airfield data comes from Sports Info Solutions and does not include throws as targeted passes.

  • Air yards per impact

    The number of air yards he expresses on average per offensive strike.

  • % Team Air Yards

    Percentage of the total air yard of the team he calculates.

  • % Team goals

    The percentage of total team goals he counts.

  • Average depth of target

    Also known as aDOT, this statistic measures the average distance down the target field.

  • Catch Rate

    The number of stocks caught divided by the number of times the quarterback targeted.

  • Drop Rate

    The number of passes he dropped divided by the number of times he found a quarterback.

  • Avg. Yds after catch

    The number of meters he gets after the catch at his receptions.

Average depth of target

6.9 Yds

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How often does TJ Hockenson run a route while on the field to pass the ball?

This data will allow you to see how TJ Hockenson and other narrow ends of the Lions are used. Some narrow ends can have a lot of bites, but they’re not as useful for fantasy purposes because they don’t actually run routes. This information will help you see when this is the case.

TJ Hockenson

460 routes with 101 targets

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% Routes started

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See where TJ Hockenson lined up on the field and how he performed in each place.

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Overview of measurement data
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How do TJ Hockenson’s measurable values ​​compare to other narrow goals?

This section compares his metric exercises with players in the same position. The bar represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, then the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and will be considered the average.

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Past Fantasy Outlooks

Hockenson came out of eighth in the 2019 draft, the earliest narrow end being chosen by Vernon Davis in 2006. The Iowa product quickly justified the selection with 131 yards in Week 1 in Arizona, but the trend that began turned out to be narrow ends. publishing large numbers against the cardinal, instead of his consistent success. Novak never had more than 56 yards in the game until the end of the season, seemingly hampered by both injuries and his own struggles that separated him from the cover. More positively, Hockenson’s average of 6.3 YACs was seventh among TEs, and a 3.4 percent drop rate was good for 12th place. Plus, it shouldn’t have much trouble creating a split once it sharpens its routes, given that its 2019 combine numbers – including a vertical diagonal of 4.70 40 and 37.5 inches at 251kg – are equal SPRQ score of the 88th percentile. Of course, impressive athleticism didn’t matter when Hockenson was stuck on the side, first suffering a concussion, then a shoulder injury and finally an ankle injury that ended season 13. He has talent, pedigrees and a solid QB wave with a break from the second year, but Hockenson is also facing constant target competition from a strong broad group in Detroit, and the rehabilitation process could affect his preparations for the season.

The Lions teased when they used No. 10 on Eric Ebron five years ago, but took a similar momentum this spring, placing Hockenson in No. 8. Hockenson won the Mackey Award as a red shirt, showing better hands and blocking punches from his physically gifted a teammate from Iowa and a colleague from the first round, Noah Fanta. And then Hocksenson’s condition improved in the combine, where he turned the list of exercises into his personal edition of Superstars, finishing the first two among TE’s in the vertical jump (37.5 inches), long jump (123 inches), three drill cones , 02 seconds) and a short shuttle (4.18 sec.). His 4.70 hours in a 40-yard race, though relatively impressive, was more than enough for a 251-pound player. Just keep in mind that the narrow end is the hardest skill position for beginners to have an instant effect, and Hockenson will have to fight Jesse James for shots this summer. Go crazy in guard and dynasty designs, but try to keep your football boots on the ground in redesigned leagues.

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Coping with minor injuries

Quietly at a loss at the end of the season

January 3, 2021

Hockenson caught three of three goals at 25 yards during Sunday’s 37-35 Minnesota defeat.

Quiet after Stafford’s injury

December 26, 2020

Hockenson caught four of six goals for 23 yards in a 47-7 loss to the Buccaneers on Saturday.

December 20, 2020

Hockenson caught two of the four targets for 18 yards and carried one without yards with one entanglement during Sunday’s 46-25 defeat to Tennessee.

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