Top 10 most beautiful garden trees


A tree should not be missing in a garden. There are many reasons for this, such as attracting birds, providing shade or hanging your hammock.

Are you making plans for the garden’s landscaping, or is your garden lacking a beautiful tree as an eye-catcher? MY Tree Services Round Rock selects its favourite ten plants. The top 10 most beautiful trees for the garden.

1.  Tulip tree. Liriodendron tulipifera

The Tulip tree flowers are larger than the average tulip and have a wonderful scent in the summer. Yet these are hardly noticeable, and the tree derives its true beauty from the leaves it forms. In autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful butter yellow.

Flowering period: June-July

2.  Japanese flowering cherry, Prunus serrulata

During the first warm days of the year, the Japanese flowering cherry will suddenly be in full bloom with large clusters of pink and white flowers. Due to the very dense growth, the tree provides a lot of shade. Preferably place the cherry trees away from the house.

Flowering period: April – May

3.  Ornamental Pear Pyrus, calleryana ‘Chanticleer’

The ornamental pear is very popular as an espalier in the garden. The tree can be placed low in front of a wall or fence but can also be crowned very well. In that capacity, the tree can serve as a screen at the top of a garden partition for more privacy.

Flowering period: April – May

4.  Judas Tree, Cercis

The Judas tree is a striking appearance in the garden between the end of April and May. The beautiful purple flowers grow on the wood of the trunk or branches, which is unique. After flowering, heart-shaped purple leaves develop on the tree.

Flowering period: April – May

5.  The fig tree, Ficus carica

The fig tree is a southern European low tree. In a warm and sheltered place, the tree can also survive the winter in the Netherlands. Edible figs form in summer. Because of the beautifully shaped leaves, the plant is trendy in the garden.

Flowering period: April – May

6.  Appletree, Malus Domestica

The apple tree is, of course, loved for the edible fruits that the tree produces. Yet, the plant has more to offer. In rural gardens, the characteristic pruning shape adorns the park, and in spring, the apple tree produces beautiful white blossoms.

Flowering period: April – May

7.  Amber tree, Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweetgum is regularly used in the garden. Thanks to its feathery growth, the tree is exceptionally suitable as a hedge, solitary or multi-stemmed tree and espalier. In autumn, the Liquidambar colours beautifully.

Flowering period: May – June

8.  Red maple, Acer rubrum

Beautiful solitary tree suitable for the (medium) large garden. The maple forms a conical and dense crown. In autumn, the Acer looks spectacular with a beautiful red leaf colouring.

Flowering period: March – April

9.  Japanese nut, Ginkgo biloba

The Japanese nut is a tree from China. Because the tree remains relatively narrow, it is exceptionally suitable for the garden. The unique leaf shape and light green colour give the tree a unique appearance. In autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful butter yellow.

Flowering period: April

10.  Velvet tree, Rhus typhina

The ornamental value of the Velvet Tree comes to light, especially in the autumn period. The leaves change from yellow to orange and deep red. At the same time, the fruit plumes are ripe. These remain on the shrub throughout the winter.

Flowering period: June – July

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